Results | WWE SmackDown 12th March 2015 Spoilers

WWE SmackDown Results 12th March 2015

1st Segment

* Daniel Bryan kicks off SmackDown to a big pop. Bryan declares that he will be in the Intercontinental Title Match at WrestleMania 31. It ends up being Bryan, Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose and Stardust all in the ring. R-Truth appears on the stage with the IC Title belt while the others brawl in the ring.

* Los Matadores, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defeated Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and The Usos in an eight-man tag match that was said to be really good. One of the Matadores pinned Kofi to end it.

2nd Segment

* They air a lengthy John Cena vs. Rusev video on the big screen.

* Ryback vs. The Miz is next. Miz told Damien Sandow to stay backstage. Ryback wins a short match that had “we want Mizdow” chants.

* Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd and comes to the ring. He addresses Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. A returning Mark Henry interrupts and comes out to the ring. Henry tells Reigns that he needs to earn the respect of the fans and the other guys in the locker room. Reigns ends up laying Henry out with a Superman punch and then spears him on the outside of the ring. The crowd was probably split 60/40 in favor of Reigns.

3rd Segment

* They air a promo for Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

* Paige and AJ Lee vs. Summer Rae and Cameron with The Bella Twins on commentary is next. Paige gets the win for her team after making Summer tap out. Paige, AJ and The Bellas argue after the match but no punches are thrown.

* Mark Henry is interviewed backstage. He doesn’t believe Reigns can beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

* They previewed a Randy Orton interview earlier and said it would air on the show but it must be something that will be edited into the broadcast.

Final Segment

* Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose defeated Bad News Barrett, Stardust and Luke Harper in the main event. Bryan got the win for his team after hitting the knee on Harper. Michael Cole interviews Bryan, Ziggler and Ambrose in the ring after the match. They start showing jealousy to each other and Ambrose leaves after calling Bryan a turd. Ziggler also calls Bryan a turd and leaves Bryan by himself in the ring. Bryan asks fans if he’s a turd and they start a “no!” chant. Bryan thanks fans to end the show.

Results | WWE SmackDown 12th March 2015 Spoilers

Look into WWE Raw Result – 10/7/02 (RAW Roulette)

Opening Segment

Backstage, Eric Bischoff welcomes us to a very special edition of Monday Night RAW. Every match is going to be determined by the spin of the wheel. HLA match? Kiss my Ass match? Bischoff’s choice match? and tons of other match stipulations.

He spins the wheel for the first match, and it’s going to be a steel cage match.

RAW promo hits, followed by the pyro, and we are live from Las Vegas.

Match #1
Steel Cage Match
Booker T vs Big Show

Show starts off by throwing Booker T to the corner. Booker tries to fight back, but Show takes him down with a sidewalk slam. Devastating clothesline by the Big Show, and another. Show picks him up and clotheslines him again. Show puts Booker T in the corner and beats on him. Show runs, and attempts to squash him, but Booker T moved out of the way, although that had no effect on him. Show continued to unleash the punishment. Show picks him up and throws him on the cage. Back suplex by Show. Show is totally dominating this match so far. Booker T finally fights back with a spinning kick, but again, Show bounced right up and knocked him down. Big boot to the face by the Big Show. Show spat on Booker T. As Big Show was about to leave the cage, Booker T got up and started fighting back. Scissors kick by Booker T and both men are down. Booker does another scissors kick, but this time off the top rope. Booker T is climbing the cage, but Show grabs his foot and pulls him down to the top rope, then Booker T kicked him in the nuts and Show falls down. Booker T climbs back up and exits the cage.

After the match, Chris Jericho ran out and shoved Booker T on the cage. Jericho hammered away on Booker. Booker T is busted open. Jericho sends him face first into the steel cage.

Winner: Booker T

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is talking to Kane and The Hurricane. Kane tells him that at No Mercy, he will take away the title from HHH. Bischoff says that Kane is all about greed. Then he spins the wheel, and it lands on TLC. Kane and Hurricane will defend their tag team titles tonight in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match against opponents of Bischoff’s choosing.

Officials are shown helping Booker T back up.


Terri Runnels asks Chris Jericho why he attacked Booker T. He says that he';s sick of being overlooked. He said that Booker T called him a Sucker last week. Jericho said that the most important thing is, he is NOT a sucker.

Eric Bischoff is with HHH backstage. Eric spins the wheel and it lands on “blindfold match” Triple H flips out. Ric Flair calms him down. Flair tells Bischoff that before he chooses HHH’s opponent, he wants to introduce him to two hot ladies that will be in Bischoff’s hotel room tonight. It was basically a bribe in order for Bischoff to choose an easy opponent for HHH.

Regal asks Bischoff is he’s bloody mad. He said that he is a gentleman and asks for Bischoff to make his match a respectable match. Bischoff disagrees and spins the wheel, and it lands on “Las Vegas Showgirls” Regal was kind of happy. Goldust was standing there too. Bischoff tells Regal that he has to dress like a woman. Goldust says that his country has a Queen, and well Regal can be one too.


They show a promo of Batista working out.

Match #2
Blindfold Match
Triple H vs D-Lo Brown

Yes, D-Lo Brown, Don’t bother, don’t question, just pretend it didn’t happen…

They both put the blindfolds on and the match is on.

They were both walking slowly, not seeing each other. They started swinging punches and stuff. HHH pressures D-Lo in the corner, then D-lo escapes and HHH is still assuming he was in the corner and started pointing his finger and talking. D-Lo connects with a punch, and down goes HHH. HHH fights back and is going for the pedigree, but D-Lo does a back body drop. Sky high by D-Lo. Ric Flair runs in and distracts the referee, this gave HHH time to take off his hood and pedigree D-Lo and get the win.

Winner: Triple H

Eric Bischoff is talking to Bubba, Christian and Jeff Hardy about a TLC match. They disagree with the match. Bischoff orders them to each get a partner because they will be fighting in a TLC match tonight.


Match #3
Las Vegas Showgirls match
Goldust vs William Regal

Goldust was dressed like one. Regal came out, and was it hilarious. He couldn’t walk on his heals, so he took them off. Then they cut his song and they played an appropriate music for him. It was really funny.

Goldust tosses him in. Goldust puts him in the corner and was going for the shattered dreams. Then, Lance Storm comes out, Goldust went out and knocked him out. This gave Regal time to grab his brass knuckles and nail Goldust with it. He covers and gets the win.

Winner: William Regal


Terri Runnels asks Christian about who his partner is. Christian said that it’s none of the Un-Americans that’s for sure. Chris Jericho walks in and says that he wants to be his partner, because he wants to get some revenge on Kane.

Paddle on a Pole match, Stacy vs Trish. Trish wasn’t happy, Bischoff wants to make it double or nothing, he spins it again and it lands on Bra and panties. It will be a bra and panties paddle on a pole match, meaning, the first woman who strips the other woman into her bra and panties becomes the women’s champion, then she can use the paddle to spank with it.


Match #4
WWE Women’s title
Bra and Panties paddle on a pole match
Trish Stratus vs Stacy Keibler

Stacy takes down Trish by the hair. Stacy bounces Trish’ head on the women’s belt. Stacy chokes Trish. Stacy tries to take Trish’ top off, but was unsuccessful. Trish fought back with a few kicks, but Stacy delivered a kick of her own, which took down Trish. Stacy takes off Trish’ top. Trish fought back and took off Stacy’s top. Chop to the chest of Stacy by Trish. Stacy was about to pull Trish’ pants down, but Trish reverses it and pulls her pants down. Trish wins the match. After the match, Stacy kicks Trish and gets the paddle. Trish fought back and eventually ended up spanking Stacy Keibler.

After the match, Victoria came out and they fought on the outside. Victoria tosses Trish in the ring. Victoria slams Trish and goes on the top rope and does a moonsault. Victoria pulls her to the outside and throws Trish into the steel steps.

Winner: Still WWE Women’s champion, Trish Stratus

Jeff Hardy reveals Rob Van Dam as his tag team partner.


The Coach asks Victoria about why she keeps attacking Trish. She says that Trish has hurt her in the past an dnow it’s her turn to hurt Trish.

Match #5
Las Vegas Street Fight
Test vs Al Snow

Bischoff spins the wheel and it lands on “Las Vegas Street Fight.” The match is on. Both wrestlers started to get weapons from under the ring. Garbage cans, street signs, etc… Test nails down Al Snow and tosses him in the ring. Al fought back and nailed Test with a pair of dice (big dice). Test nails him with a street sign, 1,2 but Al kicked out. Test puts a garbage can in between the ropes, but Test ends up receiving it. Test fought back and nailed him with the trash can lid. Test puts Snow on the top rope. But Snow counters and throws Test off, on the trash can. Cross body by Al, 1,2 but Test kicked out. Al hits Test with the trash can lid. Test is down in the corner. All grabs a bag from under the ring. He pulls out a bowling shirt and ball. But Test got up, then Snow nailed him several times with the trash can lid. Finally, Al Snow nails him with the bowling ball and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner: Al Snow

Main event tonight will be a 4-way tag team TLC match for the WWE Tag team titles. Christian & Jericho vs Bubba and Spike vs Kane & Hurricane vs RVD & Jeff Hardy.


Match #6
It’s Legal in Nevada Match
Jerry Lawler vs Steven Richards

The Godfather and his hoes came out. Godfather says that since Nevada is his home, he knows what is legal. The winner of this match tonight gets to take a ride on the train. He doesn’t mean any train, he needs the Ho Train.

Richards attacks Lawler, covers, 1,2 but Lawler kicked out. Richards clotheslines Lawler to the outside. Back in the ring, Richards delivers a suplex and covers, 1,2 but Lawler kicked out. Richards goes on the ropes, jumps, but Lawler puts his feet up. Lawler delivers a few right hands, followed by a drop kick. Back body drop by Lawler. Richards tries to go for a piledriver, but Lawler counters it into a roll up/sunset flip and gets the win.

Lawler celebrates with the hoes. Huge smile on his face.

Winner: Jerry “The King” Lawler


Randy Orton video clip was shown.

Randy Orton is shown at The World signing autographs.

Terri interviews Kane. She asked him if it’s an disadvantage for him to compete in a TLC match, while in 13 days he will be fighting for the World title. Kane said he can do it an dthe Kane a Nights know that he can do it. The Coach came running and informed Kane that Flair and HHH are attacking The Hurricane. Kane went running, but was a little too late.


Match #7
8-man tag team TLC Match
WWE Tag Team Championships
Kane & Hurricane Helms vs Christian & Jericho vs Bubba and Spike vs RVD & Jeff Hardy

Hurricane Helms didn’t come out.

The match is on. Kane is knocking down wrestlers lefts and rights. Back body drop on Spike. Sidewalk slam on RVD. Back body drop on Bubba. Everyone is fighting at the same time. Jericho and Christian tried to outsmart everyone by placing a ladder and climbing it quickly, but they were pulled down. Kane delivers a double clothesline on RVD and Jeff Hardy. Kane goes to the outside and bounces Jeff’s head on the steel steps. He was about to chokeslam RVD, but Jeff Hardy knocks him down. Bubba goes in the ring and starts spinning with the ladder, knocking down everyone. Then he gets kicked. RVD jumps on Kane. Jericho does a back suplex on Spike. Christian and Jericho place the ladder in the corner between the two ropes. They hammer away on Bubba. Double back body drop by Christian and Jericho. Jericho accidently knocks down Christian. Bubba knocks down Jericho. Kane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Christian. Fights are everywhere, hard to keep up. Bubba hits Kane with the ladder. Kane fought back with a chokeslam. Kane picks up Spike and Gorilla plexes him to the outside. Christian takes down Kane. Kane is on the outside placed on a table by Jericho and Christian. Jericho and Christian were placing a ladder between the ropes, then RVD goes on top and jumps on the ladder, which caused the ladder to bounce in Christian and Jericho’s face. Jeff places a ladder on the outside and goes on top and delivers a leg drop from the top of the ladder on Kane (who was still on the table). Bubba is climbing the ladder in the ring, but Christian catches up on time and powerbombs him off.

They cut to commercials.

Back from commercials. Several guys are down in the ring, and two ladders were placed in the middle. RVD and Bubba are going at it. Bubba climbs, and Jericho climbs on the other end, Jericho bulldogs him off. RVD does a neck breaker on Christian off the ladder. Everyone is down at that point. RVD gets up and so does Christian. Christian knocks him down and climbs up, but Kane pushes the ladder and down goes Christian. Kane powerslams Jeff Hardy, followed by the boot to the face. Kane is climbing, but Spike comes in, Kane whips him to the ropes and while Spike was running back, Kane puts the ladder in front of him. Bubba nails Kane with a steel chair. Jericho nails Bubba with a chair. RVD does a spinning kick on Jericho. Hardy jumps on Kane in the corner. RVD does the Van Terminator on Kane. Jericho tries to suplex Jeff on the ladder, but Jeff reverses it and suplexes Jericho. Jeff throws Christian from the top rope onto the ladder. Jeff places the ladder and climbs, then Bubba climbs the other side and suplexed him off the top of the ladder. Everyone was down for about a minute. RVD crawled back up. He is climbing the ladder, then Bubba climbs up too and knocks him off, but Bubba falls too. Jericho climbs up, but Spike tries to stop him and Jericho kept kicking him off. Spike had enough and pushed the ladder, which caused Jericho to go flying over the top rope. Spike is crawling up on the ladder, but Christian pulls him off. Spike tries to go for the Dudley dog on Christian, but Christian throws him to the outside and Spike lands through a table. Christian is climbing the ladder, Bubba puts a ladder beside him and climbs it too and does the Bubba bomb from the top of the ladder. RVD gets up on the top rope and does the 5 star frog splash on Christian. Jeff misses the Swanton Bomb. Jeff Hardy gets back body dropped over the top rope through the table on the outside. RVD places the ladder in the ring and climbs, but Jericho nails him with a steel chair. Jericho climbs, but Kane is back up and climbs on the other side. Kane chokeslams Chris Jericho off the ladder. Kane gets up, climbs the ladder and gets the belts.

Winner: Still WWE Tag Team Champions, Kane & The Hurricane (Although Hurricane never wrestled because he was attacked by HHH and Flair backstage.)

After the match, Ric Flair and HHH came out on the ramp. HHH mentions Katie Vick (No clue who it is) HHH said that 10 years ago Kane killed her and he calls Kane a murderer. No clue on what he was talking about. Kane was standing in disbelief as RAW went off the air.

Look into WWE Raw Result – 9/30/02

Opening Segment

RAW started with Eric Bischoff and Lita already in the ring. Bischoff says that for those who want to tune in to football, they better think again. Three title matches tonight. At, No Mercy, Intercontinental champion vs World champion, winner take all, one show one champion.

Bichoff addresses Lita. He said that not long ago, someone from asked her what was the better show, RAW or Smackdown. They put her quote on the Titon Tron. She basically said it was Smackdown. Bischoff calls her a bitch and says that she’s worthless. Lita said that all she’s saying, is that if he had some respect towards the wrestlers, they might respect him. He said that he doesn’t care about her opinion. Bischoff gives her three minutes, and the Island Boyz along with Rico came out. Jeff Hardy ran out to help, but he was knocked down. Booker T and Goldust came out and cleaned house.

Bischoff was upset. He makes a tag team match to start now. Island Boyz vs Booker T and Goldust.

Island Boyz vs Booker T & Goldust

Booker T and Goldust knock them down. Knock down by Booker T, Booker T makes the tag to Goldust. The Island Boyz fight back and knock down Goldust. Jamal is choking Goldust on the ropes. Rosey gets the tag. Leg drop by Rosey, covers, 1,2 kick out by Goldust. Jamal gets the tag back. He hammers away on Goldust. Rosey gets the tag and gets knocked down, then Jamal gets the tag and so does Booker T. Side kick by Booker T, 1,2 but kick out by Rosey. Jamal comes in and Booker T hits him too. Booker T does the spinaroonie. Scissors kick on Jamal by Booker T, 1,2 but Rosey interrupts. Rosey throws Goldust to the outside, and Rico takes care of him. In the ring, Booker fights back with a double clothesline. Jamal fought back and body slammed Booker T. Rosey delivers the splash and gets the win.

Winners: The Island Boyz


Backstage, The Coach interviewed the Island Boyz and Rico. He asked them “What is your goal?” Rico says that they are the reason he came to RAW and they are after the tag team gold.

Christian blames Storm about their loss last week. They started arguing. Test and Regal walk in and they calm them down. Regal said that he is sick of all of this. Regal tells Storm to concentrate on his match with Randy Orton.

Terri interviews Chris Jericho. She asked him if he is worried about his match with Kane. Chris Jericho laughs and says that he will beat Kane and go to No Mercy and face the World champion. Jericho says that Kane’s chances of winning are as real as Terri’s chest. Gregory Helms walks in the interview. He says that him beating Kane? “What’s up with that?” Jericho said that he isn’t intimidated by Kane. Then Kane interrupts. Jericho says “This interview is over!” Terri says that she has something to say about Kane’s kiss from last week. She grabs him and kisses him back. Kane tells Helms “What did I tell you, chicks dig masks.”


Lance Storm vs Randy Orton

They lock up, Storm hits him. Orton fires back with a flying take down. Neck breaker by Orton. Storm fights back with a devastating knee to the face. He hammers away on Orton in the corner. Arm bar submission hold is applied by Storm. Orton fights back with a flying cross body, 1,2 but Storm kicked out. Small package by Orton, 1,2 and Storm kicks out again. Orton rolls up Storm and pulls the tights and gets the win. (That quick).

Winner: Randy Orton

Christian came out beside JR and Lawler. He took JR’s hat. He tells Lance that he doesn’t know who looks more stupid, him dropping the ball again or him wearing a cowboy hat. Christian tells Storm to stand back because he wants to show him how to get the job done.

Christian squares off against Randy Orton.

Christian picks him up for a suplex and drops him stomach first on the ropes. Christian throws Randy to the outside and tosses him back in the ring. Christian hammers away on Orton. Christian chokes Randy with his foot. Orton fought back with a back body drop. Powerslam by Orton, 1,2 but Christian kicked out. Orton goes on the top rope, jumps, but Christian moved out of the way. Orton does some kind of famasser reverse move (not sure what they call it) and he pins Christian. Orton takes JR’s hat and returns it to him.

Winner: Randy Orton

Eric Bischoff is yelling at Jeff Hardy. He tells him to never ever put his nose in his business again. Bischoff books Jeff with a rematch against the Big Show.

Flair talks to Bischoff. Bischoff asks Flair about the ex-Smackdown talent, Flair says that he is still working on it. It appears that they have a little deal going on.


Jeff Hardy vs Big Show

Match starts on the outside. Show kicks Jeff. The fights takes its way to the ring. Show was throwing Jeff everywhere. Headbutt by Show, and down goes Jeff. Show walks all over Jeff Hardy. Show chokes him with his foot. Show picks him up and drops him. Jaw breaker by Jeff, but that had no affect on Show. Show took him and threw him to the outside. Show accidently clotheslines the steel post, when Jeff ducked out of the way. Show grabbed a chair, then Jeff kicked it in his face and Big Show fell, while Jeff landed hard after the kick. The referee (Jackie), counted to ten and Jeff made it just in time. Big Show was counted out and Jeff Hardy got the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy by countout


World’s Heavyweight Title
Bubba vs Triple H w/ Ric Flair

Bubba comes out and places a table in the corner of the ring and says that this table is reserved for, then he spray paints “HHH” on it. He guarantees HHH that his ass will go through a table, wether it’s tonight or somewhere down the road. Bubba says that he’s still unhappy with the fact that HHH was handed the title. He mentions something about wrestlers on RAW being “forced” to play the game. It’s a worked-shoot.


HHH comes out accompanied by Ric Flair.

They lock up, and HHH pressures Bubba into the corner. HHH delivers a couple of right hands. Bubba fights back with a few shots of his own. Back body drop by Bubba. He clotheslines HHH to the outside. He gets tosses back in. Bubba takes down HHH and hammers away on him. HHH fought back and Bubba goes to the outside. HHH sends Bubba into the steel steps. Flair hammers away on Bubba, while the referee was distracted. HHH chokes Bubba, covers, 1,2 but Bubba kicked out. HHH has Bubba in the corner and is choking him once again. Neck breaker by HHH ,1 2, but Bubba kicks out again. HHH applies the sleeper hold, but Bubba manages to get to the ropes. HHH pulls him back and applies it, but Bubba fought back. Belly to back suplex by Bubba. Samoan drop by Bubba. DDT by Bubba, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Face buster by HHH. Bubba fought back with a sidewalk slam, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Flair goes up on the top rope, but Bubba throws him off. Bubba does the Bubba bomb and covers, but the referee was distracted by Flair. Elbow knock down by Bubba on HHH. Bubba tells himself to get the tables. Flair was on the apron and he knocks him off. HHH goes for the pedigree, but Bubba escapes. They continue fighting and shortly after, HHH manages to get the pedigree and gets the win.

This crap won’t stop until HHH and Stephanie break up. We use to say that Shawn Michaels wouldn’t job, I think this man, Paul Levesque (HHH) has far surpassed that. When was the last time HHH jobbedcleanly besides WM17? If someone has the answer, please e-mail me.

Winner: Still World Champion, Triple H

Victoria attacks Trish backstage and tells her that her title is hers.


WWE Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus vs Victoria

Trish attacks Victoria. Slingshot by Trish. Clothesline by Trish, 1,2 but Victoria kicked out. Victoria fought back. Sunset flip by Trish ,1,2 but Victoria kicked out. Victoria regained control right away. Victoria went for the moonsault, but Trish had her knees up. Swinging neck breaker by Trish, 1,2 but Victoria kicked out again. Trish hammers away on Victoria. Huricanrana by Trish, 1,2 and again, Victoria kicked out. Trish sends her to the outside. On the outside, Victoria grabbed a chair and nailed Trish with it. Referee calls for the bell immediately.

Winner: by DQ, Still Women’s champion, Trish Stratus

Bischoff had a roulette and his picture in the middle of it. Stacy Keibler tells Bischoff about the babe of the year poll. She says that since Trish is the champion, she’s getting all the votes. Stacy complain to Bischoff about her lack of air time. Bischoff said that he might just let the “Spin of the RAW roulette” decide the match stipulation. It could be a Kiss my ass match or a HLA match.


A Randy Orton video was shown. They showed highlights of his father and grand father wrestling.

The Un-Americans get into an argument. Regal stops the argument and tells them to watch his tag match with Test.

The Coach walks into HHH’s locker room to get a word on his victory. HHH comes out of the shower and he had two women waiting for him. Jericho interrupts and says that he wants to talk to HHH, HHH tells him to wait for him. HHH goes back in the shower.


William Regal & Test vs RVD & Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer and Regal lock up. Regal takes him down. Regal hammers away on Dreamer in the corner. Dreamer fights back with a back body drop. Test gets the tag. Take down by Dreamer. RVD gets the tag. RVD delivers a couple of kicks. Spinning Kick and down goes Test, 1,2 but Test kicked out. Regal gets the tag back. Full Nelson suplex and RVD lands on his head. Test gets the tag. Test applies pressure on RVD’s back/neck. RVD manages to get out, but Test knees him in the stomach. Spinning kick by RVD, and this allowed him to make the tag. Dreamer knocks down Regal and Test. Swinging neck breaker by Dreamer on Test. Regal and the referee were arguing, then RVD superkicked Test, and Test falls into a roll up by Dreamer and gets pinned. After the match, the other members of the Un-Americans came out and they all started beating on each other.

Winners: RVD & Tommy Dreamer


WM19 press conference highlights were shown.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Winner faces the World Champion at No Mercy.
Chris Jericho vs Kane

Kane pushes Jericho down. Jericho slaps him and Kane knocks him down. Kane hammers away on Jericho. Ric Flair comes out to ring side. Jericho kicks Kane and takes control of the match. Jericho chokes Kane in the corner. Kane fought back with a slam, 1,2 but Flair puts Jericho’s foot on the rope. Kane goes out and chases Flair. Flair goes in the ring, then Jericho sneaks up from behind and hits Kane. Jericho in control once again. Kane fights back again with a Gorilla plex slam. He throws Jericho to the outside. Kane hammers away on Flair. The fight is on the entrance ramp.


RAW returns from commercials. Back bod drop by Kane. Kane goes on the top rope, but Jericho pushes referee, Earl Hebner on the ropes and Kane lost his balance. Jericho does the superplex on Kane from the top rope. Drop kick by Jericho. Jericho works on Kane’s legs. The fight goes to the outside once again. Jericho sends Kane into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Jericho drops the elbow on Kane’s knee. Kane fought back and sends Jericho to the outside. Jericho trips Kane and hits his knee on the steel post. Jericho does the figure four leg lock around the ring post, (Jim Ross gives Bret Hart credit for it). Jericho tries to suplex Kane in the ring, but he couldn’t. Kane suplexed him to the outside. Back in the ring, Jericho delivers a drop kick on Kane’s leg. Kane fought back with a back suplex. Right hand knock down by Kane. Kane throws Jericho to the outside. Kane sends Jericho into the steel steps. Kane throws him back in the ring. Kane connects with the flying clothesline. HHH comes out and Kane knocks him down, Jericho does the bulldog and was going for the lionsault, but Kane catches him in a chokeslam, but Jericho manages to get out. HHH pulls Kane to the outside. HHH throws him back in, Jericho does a mistle drop kick. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho, but Kane grabs the rope. Jericho grabs the chair again, but Kane kicked him in the face. Kane does the chokeslam, 1,2,3.

Kane vs HHH at No Mercy, winner take all!

Winner: NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion, Kane

Full WWE RAW Results – 9/23/02

Triple Threat Match
WWE’s Women Championship
Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly vs Victoria

RAW kicks off with the new WWE Women’s champion, Trish Stratus.

The match begins with Trish and Victoria fighting. Molly came in. Bodyslam by Molly. Trish fights back and does a roll-up on Victoria, 1,2 but Victoria kicked out. Victoria and Molly, then double teamed Trish. Trish fights back with a double clothesline. Then, Molly throws Trish to the outside. Victoria hits Molly and covers, 1,2 but Molly kicked out. Suplex by Victoria on Molly. Victoria goes for the moonsault, but Molly moved out of the way. Trish comes in, Victoria hits Molly and Trish catches her in a surprising roll-up and gets the win.

Winner: Still WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus

Booker T and Goldust had a tape they wanted to show to the RAW wrestlers backstage. They show them a clip from last night’s Unforgiven PPV. They show when Bischoff introduced the fat lady as Stephanie’s Lesbian, and when she revealed herself as Rikishi. The entire Rikishi attack on Bischoff was shown. Goldust says something bad about Jericho’s band, Fozzy. Goldust shows them a picture of Eric Bischoff, but Rikishi’s ass was glued to his head. Rico sees it and tells them that it’s disgusting and he will tell Bischoff about it.


Eric Bischoff welcomed a new member to the RAW roster (We didn’t see his face). Rico walks in and Bischoff starts yelling at him for not helping him last night when Rikishi attacked him. Rico calms him down and tells him about what Goldust and Booker T did, by showing the footage. Bischoff says that no one laughs at him and he will put a stop to it right now.

Eric Bischoff Segment

Eric Bischoff comes out. He tells the people not to start with him. He is not in the mood! A couple of weeks ago, he made sure Stephanie got what was coming to her, and her Smackdown superstars came out to help. But when Bischoff got attacked last night, no one came out. Eric says that Vince faxed him a letter saying that he can’t switch wrestlers from Smackdown to RAW anymore, unless there is an official trade. But Bischoff made a switch before the deadline.

Eric Bischoff calls out Booker T. Booker T comes out. Bischoff says “You think what happened to me last night was funny?” Booker T basically says yea. “Do you know who your dealing with?” Bischoff asks. Booker T says that he’s sorry. He has a question, does HLA still stand for Hot Lesbian Action, or Huge Lumpy Ass? Your breath is hanus like a fat man’s anus. Bischoff yells at him and tells him to stop laughing. Bischoff demands for respect. Rosey and Jamal come out, and Booker T nails them both. Rico comes out, and Booker T delivers a spinebuster on him. Then, Rosey and Jamal got up and they double teamed him. Goldust comes to the aid of Booker T. Goldust gets his ass kicked too.


Bischoff and his boys were celebrating backstage. Matches were basically made. Rico vs Booker T, and, Jericho vs Goldust for the IC title.

Jeff Hardy vs The Big Show

Jeff attacks Show on the outside. But that had no affect on him. Show hit him and threw him in the ring. Jeff tried to fight back with a suicide dive, but Show picked him up and dropped him. They go in the ring and the match officially starts. Show picks Jeff up in a suplex and drops him on the ropes. Show covers, 1,2 but Jeff kicked out. Jeff fights back and goes on the top rope and does the swanton bomb, 1,2 but Show kicked out. Show gains control right away. Rib breaker by Show. Show hammers away on Jeff in the corner. Back breaker by Jeff, followed by a leg drop. Boot to the face by Show. Chockeslam by Show and he gets the win.

Winner: Big Show

Chris Nowinski is shown in a class room. He said he is waiting for Tommy Dreamer. On his little blackboard, it was written “Don’t mess with a Harvard Graduate.”

Tommy Dreamer enters Nowinski’s class room. Chris attacks him with the stick, then Dreamer fought back and basically destroyed him. Although, Chris did fight back at one point. Then Dreamer gained control of the “match”.


Steven Richards vs Randy Orton

Jim Ross was in the ring and introduces the newest member of RAW, Randy Orton. Orton is facing Steven Richards who is already in the ring.

Drop kick by Orton. Richards fights back. Suplex by Richards. Richards pressures Orton in the corner and beats on him. Sidewalk slam by Richards, 1,2 but Orton kicked out. Full Nelson grab with a camel clutch submission hold applied on, but Orton manages to get out. Back suplex by Randy Orton. Clothesline by Randy, followed by a back body drop. Modified back breaker by Orton, 1,2 but Richards kicked out. Flying DDT by Richards, 1,2 but Orton kicked out. Powerslam by Orton, covers, 1,2, but Richards kicked out again. Superkick by Richards, 1,2 and Orton kicked out. Randy Orton finishes the match with a flying cross body to pin Steven Richards.

Winner: Randy Orton


From the Forceable Entry CD, “The Union Underground” perform on RAW! They sing the RAW theme song.

Ric Flair Segment

Ric Flair comes out and says that HHH made him realize something. He told him that he had lost his passion, his guts, and his instincts. He was even told that he was pathetic. He says that HHH was right. HHH grew up wanting to be just like the Nature Boy, he idolized Ric Flair. Flair said that it’s his job to take HHH to a whole new level. He will teach HHH how to high style and profile. Flair said that he wants to be side by side with HHH so he can end his career the way he started it, on top. RVD is shown walking backstage and destroying everything in his sight. RVD makes his way to the ring. RVD had his ribs taped up because of the sledgehammer shot from last night. HHH comes out running and attacks RVD from behind. Flair and HHH double team RVD. Bubba Ray Dudley runs out to help, but he gets double teamed by Flair and HHH. Flair and HHH continue to beat on RVD, this allowed Bubba the chance to go get a chair and scare them away.


Bubba is furious and says that he can’t stand another Ric Flair or HHH speech anymore. RVD tells him he is right. Bischoff makes a tag match tonight, Flair and HHH vs RVD and Bubba.

Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs Goldust

They lock up. They exchange slaps. Drop toe hold by Goldust. Jericho gets knocked down. Jericho fights back with a few hits. Slingshot by Goldust on Jericho. Jericho fights back with a neck breaker. They exchange right hands. Jericho picks him up and drops him on the ropes. Jericho chokes him on the ropes. Take down by Jericho, 1,2 but Goldust kicked out. Clothesline by Goldust, and another, followed by a modified chokeslam. Powerslam by Goldust, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Goldust positions Jericho for the shattered dreams, but the referee gets in the way and stops him. This allowed Jericho to go on the ropes and deliver a drop kick, followed by the Walls of Jericho. Goldust gave up.

Winner: Still WWE Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho


WWE Tag Team Championships
Kane & The Hurricane vs Lance Storm & Christian

Christian squares off against Helms. Clothesline by Helms. Neck breaker off the second rope by the Hurricane. Kane gets the tag. Sidewalk slam by Kane on Storm. Kane gorilla plexes Christian. Helms goes on the top rope and jumps on Christian and Storm. Regal distracts Helms, which allowed Christian to do a baseball slide. Christian hammers away on Helms. Lance Storm gets the tag, he covers, 1,2 but Helms kicked out. Christian gets the tag back. Back breaker by Christian, followed by a reverse chin lock. Neck breaker by Christian, 1,2 but Helms kicked out. Helms fought back. Kane finally gets the tag, and Christian tags Storm. Clothesline on Storm by Kane, followed by a hard back body drop. Kane double clotheslines Christian and Storm. Kane goes on the top rope and does a flying clothesline on Storm. Regal comes in and nails Kane with a tag title belt, while the referee was being distracted. Storm covers, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Referee Nick Patrick yells at Regal and Test and tells them to leave ring side. Helms does a hurricanrana on Christian. Storm accidently kicks Christian. Kane and Helms double chokeslam Storm and Christian and Kane covers for the win.

Winners: NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, Kane & The Hurricane


Terri interviews The Hurricane and asks him why Kane chose him. Hurricane says that they both wear masks and they both use the chokeslams. Helms says that he’s been looking for a sidekick, then Kane interrupts and says the reason he picked Helms was because he’s a freak just like him. Helms asks Kane if he is ready to celebrate, Kane kisses Terri and then he says that he’s ready to celebrate.

The Un-Americans said that their titles got stolen from them. Regal says that they shouldn’t complain because then they’ll sound like the Americans. Regal tells The Coach to piss off.

Booker T vs Rico

Side kick by Booker T. Booker hammers away on Rico. Rico fights back with a few punches. Booker knocks him down. Side kick by Booker T and down goes Rico. Booker T goes for the spinaroonie, followed by a scissors kick and he gets the win, that easy. Rosey and Jamal came out after the match. Booker T hits them both, but Rico got up and kicked Booker T. They triple team Booker T. Goldust comes out and cleans house. Then Goldust does the shattered Dreams on Rico. Goldust turns around and fell into a trap. Rosey and Jamal beat on Goldust.

Winner: Booker T


Backstage, Bischoff asks Booker T if he learned his lesson. Bischoff mentions that next week’s RAW will be in Booker T’s home town.

Bubba asks RVD if he’s ready to go on with the match. RVD said yes. RVD said that they took his IC title, and his World Title shot from him. It doesn’t matter if he’s hurt or not, he has nothing left to lose.


Ric Flair & Triple H vs Rob Van Dam & Bubba

HHH attacks Bubba from behind. Bubba fights back with a back body drop. Take down by Bubba. HHH tags Flair. They lock up, side head lock by Flair, but Bubba knocks him down. Flair tags HHH. HHH hammers away on Bubba. Flair gets the tag back. Flair delivers a couple of chops on Bubba. Bubba switches things around and delivers some shops on Flair. RVD gets the tag. Spinning kick by RVD. HHH comes in and RVD takes him down and does a rolling thunder. HHH gets the legal tag, and he gets to work on RVD’s injured ribs. Bubba gets the tag and so does Flair. Bubba knocks HHH off the apron and works on Flair. Sidewalk slam by Bubba, he covers, 1,2 but HHH breaks up the count. Bubba is fighting both men and knocks them down with a double elbow. Bubba and RVD do the waaazzzap drop. RVD tells Bubba to get the tables. Bubba gets a table. RVD helps him set it up in the ring. Bubba puts Flair on the table, RVD goes on the top rope, but HHH pushes him off and RVD falls on the outside. Flair sneaks up and rolls up Bubba and held the tights while the referee counted to three. After the match, they double teamed RVD, then Bubba comes back in to help RVD. They put HHH on the table and RVD does a double leg drop.

Winners: Ric Flair and Triple H

Look into WWE Raw Result – 9/16/02

Raw starts with highlights of the wedding from Samckdown. Most of the highlights shown were when Bischoff revealed himself as the justice of peace. Then, Jamal and Rosey attacked Chuck, Billy, and Steph.

Eric Bischoff was shown sitting on a chair in the ring. All the lights were out and the camera was just on Eric Bischoff. He said that his guest appearance on Smackdown was a one time deal. The good news is, for each and every one of us, he is back on RAW. He didn’t come alone, he brought Rico. Rico was in the ring and said “Hi there!” Bischoff rewards Rico for his hard work by giving him a match with Ric Flair. Rico says “Wooo.” Eric says that Flair isn’t the only one that knows how to style and profile.

Bischoff says that RVD and Triple H with both defend their respective titles against opponents of his choice, here tonight.

With that in mind, get ready to enjoy the best show in sports entertainment, Monday Night RAW!

RAW promo hits and the pyros go off.

We are LIVE from Denver, Colorado.

Opening Segment

RAW kicks off with the guy that was AWARDED to title, Triple H. HHH says that every place he goes, he gets the same damn thing, “You’re going to lose your title to Rob Van Dam.” HHH says that he isn’t scared of Rob Van Dam, and as much as the fans love him, RVD isn’t championship material. HHH says that he is suppose to be scared because RVD got lucky with one frog splash. He says that RVD can’t cut the mustard, but he can. HHH says that he’s the greatest world champion ever (ya right). He says he’s got the talent, the ability and the brains. RVD doesn’t stand a chance with him. He says that what pisses him off the most is when fans chant RVD. It’s that kind of disrespect that gets under his skin. HHH starts saying he is the champ, he is the game…. Then, RVD comes out.

RVD says that he hears HHH saying that he’s not concerned about him. He says that HHH is stressed out. It’s coming off as anger. What are you angry for anyways? Because of RVD’s cool moves. RVD says that’s what he’s all about. RVD says that it’s the way he is, he’s amazing. HHH says “yea, you’re amazing.” HHH says that he is angry, and that’s the reason he is the world champion. That anger is the reason he sells out arenas and headlines PPVs. RVD says that he doesn’t want any misunderstandings, HHH is good and all that, and he can spit some what! He can take it to another level by spitting water. RVD makes fun of him. RVD says that spitting water out takes talent. HHH says that RVD is a funny guy and he can see why the people love him. HHH says RVD is like the fans, an under-achiever. The fact is that RVD isn’t championship material and that he’ll never be world champion. RVD talks back to him and says that he is the next world champion. HHH went to kick RVD, but RVD caught his foot and did a spinning kick.


Ric Flair vs Rico

They lock up, take down by Flair. Headlock by Flair, followed by an arm twist, and a take down. Several take downs by Flair. Reverse kick by Rico. Rico has Flair in the corner and he beats on him. Rico delivers a couple of punches followed by a back body drop. Flair fights back with a couple of chops. Elbow take down by Flair. Flair stomps away on Rico, Rico goes to the outside and gets a chair. Flair suplexes him off the apron, 1,2 but Rico kicked out. Flair was kicking out the chair that Rico had brought in, then Rico surprises him with a spinning martial art kick and gets the win.

Winner: Rico

Terri asks Booker T about his match with Test. He said that ever since he was a little Book, he hated Tests! Booker T then says that his teacher failed him…. then he says he will show up for the Test tonight and pass the Test, can you dig that sucka!


Ladies were shown protesting outside. Chanting IOW. Something about women’s rights. Security wouldn’t let them in, so they continued protesting outside.

Test vs Booker T

Booker takes the early advantage. Test fights back with several right hands. Sidewalk slam by Test, 1,2 but Booker T kicked out. Test fights back again and hammers away on Booker. Test sends Booker to the turnbuckle and squashes him. Test applies an arm bar submission hold. High impact reverse elbow by Test. Booker fights back with a flying clothesline. Booker misses a side kick, but does another and Test goes down. Spinaroonie by Booker T. Scissors kick by Booker T on the apron. Booker T does a drop kick from the top rope, 1,2 but Test kicked out. Pump Handle slam by Test, 1,2 but Booker T kicked out. Test goes for the big boot, but Booker ducks, and does a sunset flip/roll up for the win.

Winner: Booker T

Terri gets Flair’s thoughts on his match with Rico. HHH interrupts and says that Flair is humiliated, embarassed. At one time he was the man and HHH looked up to him. HHH said that Flair held the title 16 times and now lost to a man who can’t hold his jock. HHH tells Flair to retire. HHH calls him pathetic. Flair says, PATHETIC? Pathetic is walking around with the World title without earning it.


International Orginazation for Women IOW, are still protesting outside. The Coach gets a word with on eof the ladies. She says that she isn’t happy with the way women are being treated on RAW and she wants to talk to Eric Bischoff.

Tag Team championships
Un-Americans vs Bubba and Spike

Headlock by Storm. Suplex by Bubba. Back suplex by Bubba. Bubba puts Storm on the turnbuckle, up side down and beats on him. Spike gets the tag. Bulldog by Spike on Storm, followed by a clothesline, 1,2 but Christian interrupts the count. Storm gets a table and places it on the outside. Powerslam by Storm, 1,2 but Spike kicked out. Christian gets the tag and continues the punishment. Storm gets the tag back. Take down by Spike, and Bubba gets the tag, but the referee didn’t see it. Christian and Storm double team Spike. Christian does a neck breaker, 1,2 but Bubba interrupts the count. Take down by Christian, followed by a sleeper hold. Small package by Spike, 1,2 kick out. Storm gets the tag. Spike kicks Storm in the face and makes the tag. Bubba cleans house. Sidewalk slam on Christian. Bubba squashes Christian, and clotheslines Storm to the outside. They do the wazzzup jump on Christian. They call for the tables. Bubba takes down Christian, 1,2 but Storm interrupts. Spike was going for the Dudley dog, but Storm comes in and picks him up with Christian and they threw him through the table. Referee knocked out, Spike knocked out… Christian somehow manages to get a roll up on Bubba and gets the win.

Winners: Still WWE Tag Team Champions, The Un-Americans

Eric Bischoff chooses RVD’s opponent. Chris Jericho vs RVD for the IC title tonight.

Security tells Bischoff about the ladies protesting outside. Bischoff tells him to let them in “he has a few minutes.”


Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho

They lock up, Jericho applies a side headlock. Take down by Jericho. Spinning kick by RVD. Jericho connects with a forearm. Jericho was jumping off the second rope, and RVD caught him with a drop kick. RVD goes on the top rope, Jericho pushes referee Charles Robinson on the ropes and RVD loses his balance. Double arm suplex off the top rope by Jericho. Back breaker by Jericho. Take down by RVD, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Jericho fights back with a drop kick. RVD drop kicks Jericho in the face. Jericho gets up, and RVD kicks him again. Side kick by RVD, followed by a rolling thunder. Jericho is going for the Walls of Jericho, but RVD counters into a roll up, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Another spinning kick by RVD. RVD goes on the top rope, HHH comes running down, and RVD jumps on HHH on the outside. RVD hammers away on HHH. Jericho goes to the outside, RVD kicks him. Back in the ring, RVD kicks Jericho, moonsault ,1,2 but Jericho kicked out. HHH was on the apron, RVD sends Jericho to the ropes and Jericho bumps into HHH and HHH goes flying in the ring. RVD knocks him out. Jericho catches RVD inthe Walls of Jericho because of his distraction with HHH. RVD taps out to the Walls of Jericho. After the match, HHH pedigrees RVD.

Winner: New WWE Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho


The women protesting were shown in Bischoff’s office. Security told them that Bischoff will be with them shortly.

Jericho is celebrating by himself with champagne. Jericho tells Bischoff that he wants Flair at Unforgiven and Bischoff makes the match.

Jeff Hardy music video is shown. (Not Enough by Our Lady Peace)

William Regal is talking to the Un-Americans. He says that he will teach Kane a lesson tonight.


William Regal vs Kane

Regal attacks Kane from behind. Fight goes to the outside. Kane picks up Regal and tosses him back in the ring. Regal fights back and the fight is once again on the outside. Back in the ring, Regal is in control. Regal hammers away on Kane in the corner. Kane fights back with a back body drop. Kane squashes Regal in the corner. Sidewalk slam by Kane. Kane goes on the top rope and delivers a high flying clothesline. Test comes out, and Kane hits him. Referee calls for the bell. The rest of the Un-Americans comes out and beat on Kane. Goldust, Bubba, Booker T came out to help. Kane then chokeslams Lance Storm. Booker T basically makes a match between the Un-Americans and Bubba, Goldust, Kane and himself for this Sunday at Unforgiven.

Winner: by Disqualification, Kane

The security guard tells the women protesting that Eric Bischoff wants to see them in the ring, not in his office.

Women’s title match has been postponed.

Eric Bischoff Segment

Bischoff says he is a fair man. He believes that women are just as smart and just as powerful as men, then he laughs. He calls the ladies out. There is like 15 of them that came out. They all had signs “IOW” and other stuff about women’s rights . One of the women takes the microphone and starts talking about women’s rights in entertainment. She says that Bischoff exploited women on his show with bra and panties matches, mud matches, and Pillow fights. And most recently, two lesbians. Bischoff says that he gets it… he is surrounded by lesbians. HLA chants started. He tells them women to perform, or this this all about their 15 minutes of fame. Bischoff says he doesn’t have 15 minutes, as a matter of fact, then one of the ladies reveals herself as Stephanie McMahon. She kicks him in the you know what. She says 3 minutes? Then Billy and Chuck show up and they beat on Bischoff and deliver the devastation device. Superkick by Chuck and Billy does the famasser. They beat up the Island Boyz and left.


Bischoff tells Stephanie that she’s going to pay for this. He has an idea. The Island Boyz vs Billy & Chuck this Sunday. If Billy and Chuck win, he will kiss Stephanie’s ass in this ring. If the Island Boyz win, Stephanie has to perform some HLA in the ring.

World’s Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs Jeff Hardy

RVD attacks HHH. Referees are out trying to break up the fight.
We still don’t know who Triple H’s opponent is.


Jeff Hardy comes running out. He’s in control. Springboard moonsault, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. HHH sends Jeff to the outside. HHH sends Jeff into the steel steps. Back in the ring. Jeff took control. Huricanrana by Jeff, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. HHH fought back. He puts Jeff on the top rope, but Jeff knocked him off and does a moonsault, 1,2 but HHH kicked out again. Twist of Fate by Jeff Hardy. Jeff goes on the top rope and hits the swanton bomb, he covers, 1,2, but HHH puts his foot on the rope. HHH catches Jeff in a sleeper hold, Jeff passes out and HHH gets the win with the sleeper hold. RVD comes back in the ring and takes down HHH. RVD does the 5 star frog splash on HHH, then he grabs the World Title and does the “RVD” finger pointing thing.

Winner: Still World Champion, Triple H

Full WWE RAW Results – 9/9/02

WWE Tag Team Titles
Lance Storm & Christian vs Bradshaw & Kane

All four men started fighting at the same time. Bradshaw and Kane double team Storm. Then Bradshaw squares off against Storm. Elbow by Bradshaw, 1,2 but Storm kicked out. Storm gets sent to the outside. Bradshaw suplexes him back in. Kane gets the tag. Christian gets the tag, they try to double team Kane, but Kane replies with a double clothesline. Kane tags Bradshaw. Back suplex by Bradshaw on Christian. Kane gets the tag back. Kane picks up Christian by the throat and drops him. Kane goes for the elbow, but misses. Storm goes on the top rope, but Kane gets up an dpushes Christian on the turnbuckle. Sidewalk slam by Kane. Storm cheap shots Kane, while Christian is distracting the referee. Storm and Christian end up double teaming Kane on the outside. Back in the ring, Christian legally tags Storm. Kane hits Storm and both men are down. Kane tags Bradshaw, and Christian gets the tag by Storm. Knock down by Bradshaw. Storm comes in and Bradshaw does a fall away slam. Powerbomb by Bradshaw on Christian, 1,2 but Storm breaks up the count. Storm and Kane are fighting on the outside. Powerslam by Bradshaw on Christian, 1,2 but Christian kicked out. Kane does a flying clothesline on Storm. Referee gets dropped kicked. Test comes out and nails Kane with the boot. But Bradhsaw clotheslines him. Regal comes out and nails Bradshaw with the brass knuckles, Christian covers him for the 1,2,3.

Winners: Still WWE Tag Team Champions, The-Un-Americans

During the entire match, Jerry Lawler kept saying that Eric Bischoff has an important announcement to make tonight. Lawler couldn’t wait.


Eric Bischoff comes out and says that it has come to his attention that the RAW wrestlers seem to be upset about HHH getting awarded the title. He created the fatal four way elimination match for the #1 contendership. Chris Jericho vs Jeff Hardy vs The Big Show vs Rob Van Dam. The winner gets a shot at Triple H. Bischoff wants to talk about entertainment. Bischoff talks about Chuck and Billy. He said it’s a publicity stunt, not entertainment on Stephanie’s part. He said the New York Times, ESPN, everyone is talking about Chuck and Billy. Bischoff says that he wants to show us real entertainment. For the first time in the history of this show, he will have women take a part of HLA. Later on tonight, Eric Bischoff presents HLA. HOT LESBIAN ACTION! Crowd goes nuts.

Terri interviews Jericho backstage. Jericho is eating an apple. He says that HHH, the ass clown who cost him his IC title shot, the ass clown who was handed the World title…. Jericho said that he’s the first ever Undisputed champion! Jericho says that he has a plan to make sure the title comes back to him.

Coach interviews HHH. He asked him about who he prefers facing, and asks him about RVD… HHH says that he is the Game, the World champion, it doesn’t matter who he faces at Unforgiven. Bubba interrupts him. Bubba says that HHH is facing Spike, he doesn’t have the balls to face him? HHH said that Bubba is lucky because he doesn’t have to get in the ring with him. Bubba says that he has to fight Steven Richards tonight, but..then Richards attacks him from behind.


Steven Richards vs Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba attacks Richards from behind. Back body drop by Bubba, followed by a few elbow drops. Bubba puts Richards on the top rope and he kept hitting him across the chest. Thumb to the eye by Richards. Richards whips Bubba into the turnbuckle. Swinging neck breaker by Richards, covers, but Bubba kicks out. Sunset flip by Bubba, 1,2 but Richards kicked out. Several chops to the chest of Richards. Overhead suplex by Bubba, followed by a clothesline. Suplex by Bubba, 1,2 but Richards kicks out. Bubba tells himself to get the tables, but Richards scores a superkick, 1,2 but Bubba manages to kick out. Spear by Bubba, 1,2 but Richards kicks out. Bubba tries to do the Bubba bomb off the second rope, but Richards managed to escape, then Bubba fights back and does the Bubba bomb for the win.

Winner: Bubba Ray Dudley


Stacy Keibler & Victoria vs Trish Stratus & Terri

Stacy and Terri go at it right away, Trish holds Terri back. Match officially starts with Victoria and Terri. Elbow drop by Victoria, 1,2 but Terri kicked out. Stacy gets the tag. Stacy chokes Terri in the corner. Victoria gets the tag and she flips in with a leg drop on Terri. Victoria then accidently knocks Stacy off the apron. Victoria goes on the top rope and does a moonsault, but Terri moved out of the way. Trish gets the tag. Back body drop by Trish, followed by a clothesline, then a neckbreaker. Victoria fights back with a modified spinebuster. Stacy gets the tag. Spinning kick by Stacy, 1,2 but Trish kicked out. Victoria gets the tag, they try to double team Trish, but it backfires. Trish tags Terri. Terri does a cross body on Stacy and gets the 1,2,3.

Winners: Trish Stratus & Terri

Chris Nowinski is talking to Regal, telling him that he can’t believe that he joined the Un-Americans. Regal tells him that he’s always been an Un-American. Chris tells him that he can’t wait for the Hot Lesbian Action, then Regal slaps him and tells him that he’s a Harvard Graduate, and he better start acting like one.


Chris Nowinski comes out and disses the crowd. Talking about the IOWA State University. Then he says that at Harvward, they have a riddle for people in IOWA, “That’s alright, that’s ok, you’ll all work for us someday.”

Dreamer comes out and disses him. Fight is on. Spinebuster by Dreamer, followed by a neck breaker. Chris gets the kendo stick and nails Dreamer with it. Dreamer fights back with a Russian leg sweep on the outside. Dreamer started beating on Chris with the kendo stick. Chris escaped from the ring and left.

Backstage, Spike meets the lesbians.. (In the famous words of Faarooq “DAMN!”)


Non-Title Match
Triple H vs Spike Dudley

HHH shakes his hand and smiles. They lock up, and HHH pressures him into the corner. HHH takes down Spike. Roll-up by Spike, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Take down by Spike, and again, then Spike sends HHH to the outside. HHH takes Spike out of the ring and sends him into the security wall, then throws him back in the ring. Spike fights back with a neck breaker, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. HHH fights back with a few right hands and chokes Spike. Back breaker by HHH, followed by another. HHH is going for another, but Spike reverses it into a head scissor take down. Spike goes on the top rope and jumps on HHH, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Spike goes on the rope, jumps, but HHH catches him in a clothesline. HHH delivers the pedigree. HHH gets up and starts smiling. HHH slaps Spike. Spike low blows HHH, followed by the Dudley Dog, 1,2 but HHH puts his foot on the rope. Spike is going for another Dudley Dog, but HHH pushes him into the turnbuckle and applies a sleeper hold. Spike passes out and HHH wins the match. After the match, HHH starts kicking Spike. Bubba runs out and looks at HHH. HHH walks away.

Winner: Triple H

Coach interviews Jeff Hardy about his opportunity to be the #1 contender and perhaps become the champion. Jeff says that he isn’t at 100%. Then he sees Bischoff, he approaches him and talks to him about last week. Bischoff tells him that these things happen and that he should thank him for having the opportunity to fight for the #1 contendership tonight. Jeff says that he earned it. Jeff tells Bischoff that if he tries to pull anything like last week with Jamal and Rosie, he will show him the true meaning of extreme.


Coach interviews Booker T about Regal. Booker T says that Regal doesn’t know what makes this country so great. Then Goldust comes from behind wearing a Kane mask. Then Kane joins the interview, then Bradshaw. But before Booker T and Goldust face Regal and Test, they want to watch some hot lesbian action.


Booker T & Goldust vs Un-Americans

Test starts off with Booker T. Test kicks him in the mid section. Super kick by Booker, 1,2 but Test kicked out. Goldust gets the tag. Test tags Regal. Regal delivers a few punches. Goldust knocks him down. Regal throws him to the outside, and Test does the damage on Goldust. Regal covers Goldust, 1,2 but he kicked out. Test gets the tag back, and beats on Goldust in the corner. Regal gets the tag, then he tags Test back shortly after. Test is in control. Test tags Regal. Regal delivers several punches on Goldust, and then chokes him. Test gets the tag back. Test knocks him down. Goldust fights back. Both men are down. Goldust tags Booker T, and Test tags Regal. Booker T take son both men. Flying clothesline by Booker on Test. Goldust and Test are fighting on the outside. In the ring, Booker T does the scissors kick followed by the spinaroonie. Regal knocks Booker T out with the brass knuckles. Kane runs in, then Storm, Christian, Bradshaw, all hell breaks loose.

Winners: The Un-Americans by Disqualification (Since Kane actually interfered first)


Hot Lesbian Action

Eric Bischoff comes out and says that Chuck and Billy getting married on Smackdown is a cheap publicity stunt for ratings. Bischoff then introduces the lesbians.

They come out. Bischoff tells them that the fans don’t want to see them with him, they want to see them with each other, with some HLA! HLA chants started. Jenny says that she wants Tanya! and Tanya says that she wants Jenny! Bischoff asks Jenny if she wants to touch Tanya. She says yes. She starts touching her all over. Bischoff tells Tanya that she can’t really feel Jenny with the clothes on. They both take their shirts off. Bischoff tells Tanya to grab Jenny’s ass. Jenny touches her and takes off Tanya’s skirt. Bischoff says that she looks so lonely, he wants Jenny to take hers too. Bischoff asks them for a nice warm affectionist hug. They start hugging and touching. He tells them to go for it. But before, he asks them for a nice warm, wet kiss. They kiss. But again, before they go at it, Bischoff tells them that sex and violence always sell. We’ve had plenty of sex, but not violence. Rosie and Jamal show up, and I guess you know the rest. TSN went to commercial right away.


Ric Flair is shown talking to RVD backstage. Flair tells RVD that he thinks he started something special last week. He said when he saw RVD hit the 5 star last week, he knew that the game was over. Flair is very confident in RVD.

Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
For the #1 Contendership
Chris Jericho vs RVD vs Jeff Hardy vs Big Show

Match starts with all four men fighting. Show catches Jeff and throws him to the outside. Show takes down RVD. Then, Jeff and RVD double team Show. Jeff throws RVD to the outside and covers Show, 1,2 but Show kicked out. RVD does a rolling thunder on Show, 1,2 but Show kicked out. Jericho comes in with a steel chair and knocks out RVD and Hardy. Show takes the chair and hits Jericho, but the referee saw it and disqualified Show. Show was upset and beat on everyone.

Big Show is eliminated.


Back from commercials. Jericho and RVD are fighting. Spinning kick by Jericho. Jericho attempts a cross body, but Jeff moved out of the way and Jericho landed on the outside. Jeff Hardy double clotheslines Jericho and RVD on the outside. Back in the ring. Hardy goes for a back flip, but Jericho moves out of the way. RVD does a moonsault on Hardy, 1,2 but Jeff kicked out. Hardy manages to do a devastating DDT on RVD, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Jeff goes on the top rope, but Jericho pushes him off. Jericho does a lionsault on Hardy and gets the win.

Jeff Hardy is eliminated.

Now it’s down to Jericho and RVD. Jericho delivers a suplex and RVD lands on his neck, Y2J covers, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. RVD fights back. Jericho runs and RVD moves out of the way, Jericho goes shoulder first into the ring post. Jericho is removing the padding off the top turnbuckle. RVD does a couple of high flying moves and covers, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. RVD tried to do a moonsault or something, but Jericho had his knees up. Jericho puts RVD in the corner and delivers a couple of chops to the chest. RVD fights back again. RVD goes on the top rope and goes forthe 5 star, but Jericho moves out of the way. Lionsault by Jericho, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Jericho is going for the Walls of Jericho, but RVD does a small package, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. HHH comes out and watches the match from the entrance ramp. RVD was distracted, Jericho rolls him up, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. RVD sends Jericho into that exposed turnbuckle, then hits the 5 star frog splash and gets the win.

Rob Van Dam will face Triple H at Unforgiven.

Winner & #1 contender: Rob Van Dam

Look into WWE Raw Result – 9/2/02

Opening Segment

Eric Bischoff comes out with a briefcase. He said that Brock Lesnar likes to refer to himself as the Undisputed WWE champion, and since Stephanie convinced him to be exclusive for Smackdown, he thinks the fans for RAW deserve their own World champion. He said that Triple H is the real #1 contender. Eric Bischoff introduces HHH.

HHH comes out. HHH shakes hands with Bischoff. HHH said that there is one thing Eric forgot to mention, and that’s the real reason Brock left to Smackdown, that’s because of HHH. HHH says that Brock knows that he doesn’t belong in the same ring as HHH. Brock doesn’t belong speaking his name. The second HHH beat the Undertaker to become #1 contender, Brock knew his days as champion were numbered. It turns out that the next big thing has no balls. Eric agrees with what HHH said. HHH says that he wishes he could have signed HHH for Nitro a few years ago. Eric compliments HHH. Eric Bischoff opens the briefcase and pulls out the WCW title and tells HHH that legends have held that title and now it’s the official title for RAW I guess. HHH is awarded the title. HHH says that a lot of guys would come out and say that they don’t deserve it, but he said that he isn’t a lot of guys. HHH says that nobody deserves to be World champion more than him.

Wooooo, Ric Flair comes out to the ring. Flair says that RAW deserves its own title. Flair said that HHH held the title once, but Flair held it 16 times. Flair said that no one awarded him the title, he busted his ass. He paid the price of a wrestling lifetime. Flair says that HHH needs to earn the right to wear that title. Bischoff makes a match between Flair and HHH for later tonight. HHH says it would be an honor and a privilege. Flair said it’s an honor to be his first opponent for the title. Bischoff officially announces the match, World champion, HHH, defends the title against Ric Flair, and #17 might be right around the corner for Mr. Flair. Then HHH punches Flair and leaves.

Note from me: Let’s give out world titles! Who wants one? This is wrestling these days.


HHH looks at Bubba and asks him if he has a problem. Bubba says yea. HHH says that Bubba is jealous like everyone else. Bubba tells HHH that it isn’t a look of jealousy, it’s a look of hunger. Bubba basically trashes HHH and leaves.

Inter gender tag team table match
Trish Stratus & Bubba vs Chris Nowinski & Molly

The match starts with Bubba and Chris. They lock up, headlock by Bubba. Chris whips him to the ropes, take down by Bubba. Headlock again. Clothesline by Bubba. Shoulder block takedown by Bubba. Chris fights back with a drop kick. Molly gets the tag. Bubba embarrasses her and pulls down her pants and tags Trish. Trish is in control. Then Chris pulls her down by the hair, which allowed Molly to gain control. Swinging neck breaker by Molly. Chris gets the tag back. Chris grabbed her by the hair and shoved her to the mat. Molly gets the tag back. She gets taken down and she tags Chris. Bubba gets the tag. Back body drop by Bubba on Chris. Trish spears Molly. Bubba whips Chris in the turnbuckle and whips Molly on him. She falls and Chris falls to, head first on her you know what. Bubba throws Chris to the outside. Trish does the wazzup top rope jump thingy. They call for tables. Bubba and Trish place the table in the ring. Chris hits Bubba from behind. Molly jumps on Trish. A table is placed on the outside and Molly puts Trish on it, she goes to jump, but Bubba pushes her off. Chris goes and jumps, Trish moves and Chris goes through the table. Then in the ring, Bubba powerbombs Molly through the table.

Winners: Bubba & Trish Stratus


Coach interviews the Un-Americans. Christian says that Kane ruined everything last week, but tonight, they will ruin him. He talks about Labor day. Storm says that the fattest, laziest people on the planet celebrate it. Test comes in and says that tonight, they will finish what they started last week and that’s to burn the flag.

Lingerie pillow fight match tonight on RAW! Terri vs Stacy Keibler. They are in Bischoff’s office and Bischoff says that he wants to do his job and check Terri’s and Stacy’s lingerie clothes to see if they are appropriate for tonight’s match. They both show him what they are wearing.

Jericho walks in Flair’s locker room. He says he can’t believe his ears. A 53-year old has been is now getting a title shot. Flair said that the 53-year old was the one who beat him at the PPV. Jericho said that he wants him to win the title tonight, so he can beat Flair for it.


Booker T vs William Regal

Kick to the mid section by Regal. Booker fires back with punches. Booker knocks down Regal. Body slam by Booker. Booker T misses a side kick and Regal sends him to the outside. Regal tosses him back and applies pressure to his back. Booker fights back with a roll-up, 1,2 but Regal kicked out. Take down by Regal, 1,2 but Booker T kicked out. Uppercut by Regal. Booker T fights back with a side kick. Booker T then connects with the scissors kick and gets the win. After the match, Booker T does the spinaroonie.

Winner: Booker T


Highlights were shown of the HHH vs HBK match from SummerSlam.

Shawn Michaels speaks out from a studio in San Antonio.

Jim Ross and Lawler interview HBK. Shawn was in a wheelchair. JR asked him about his health. HBK says that he has feelings in his legs, he said he won’t get up from that chair until he’s back like he was. Lawler asked him if he had any regrets? HBK says the fans loved it (the match), and yes it was worth it. He thanks God for giving him the privilege to get in that ring. He says, the irony is, it’s not the match that put him in the chair, it’s the hit by HHH after the match. JR asks Shawn if he wants to say anything to HHH. HBK tells HHH “Don’t hunt, what you can’t kill.” Then we see HBK with the sledgehammer.


World Title (RAW Title I assume)
Triple H vs Ric Flair

They lock up, HHH pressures him to the corner. They lock up again, Flair takes down HHH. They exchange several small wrestling moves for the first 3 minutes of the match (arm twist, head locks, take downs etc…) Flair delivers a few chops to the chest of HHH, then HHH knocks him down. Spine buster by HHH, followed by several punches. HHH hammers away on Flair in the corner. HHH whips Flair into the turnbuckle and Flair goes flying to the outside. HHH suplexes Flair back in the ring, 1,2 but Flair kicked out. HHH applies a sleeper hold, but Flair manages to get out and back suplex him. Flair misses the knee drop, which allowed HHH to work on Flair’s knee. HHH was going for the figure four, but Flair does an inside cradle, 1,2, but HHH kicked out. Flair delivers a few chops on HHH. Flair sends HHH to the outside. HHH goes back in the ring. Flair takes him down and applies the figure four, but HHH grabbed the ropes. Flair stomps away on HHH. Flair goes for the figure four again, but HHH pushes him and the referee escapes out of the way and goes to the outside. HHH does the low blow, followed by the pedigree and the referee gets back in the ring and counts to 3.

After the match, Jericho runs in and applies the Walls of Jericho on Flair. RVD comes running out and does a spinning kick on Jericho. HHH goes back in, but he also gets taken down by RVD.

Winner: Still World Champ, Triple H


Eric Bishoff is telling Big Show to calm down and to trust him. Big Show says that he had the Island Boyz attack him, then he hands HHH the world title. You don’t hand world titles. Bischoff tells Show to earn his #1 contender spot. Show leaves and Bischoff answers his cell phone. He got some bad news. Someone will leave RAW tonight to go to Smackdown to meet a family member.

Handicap Match
Kane vs Storm & Christian

Kane is in control. He squashes Storm in the corner, and picks up Christian and throws him on Storm. Kane chokes Christian. The Un-Americans double team him. Then Christian chokes him. They double team him again, Christian covers, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Storm gets the tag. Elbow drop by Storm, followed by a choke hold. Christian gets the tag. Christian sends Kane shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Kane fought back. Christian made the tag. Kane knocks down Storm, followed by a back body drop. Kane throws Christian to the outside. Side walk slam by Kane on Storm. Kane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Storm. he covers, 1,2 but Christian breaks the count.Thumb to the eye by Storm, followed by a nice side kick, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Christian gets in and they double team him. Storm accidently super kicks Christian, then Kane does the chokeslam on Storm and gets the win. After the match, Test comes out and nails Kane with the big boot. He was about to burn the flag, but Bradshaw came out, and Kane got up and they cleaned house.

Winner: Kane


Big Show vs Tommy Dreamer

Show attacks him while he was entering the ring. Suplex by Show, followed by a leg drop, 1,2 but Show breaks his own count. Body slam by Show, followed by a headbutt. Bear hug by Show, then he drops Dreamer. Fight goes to the outside, and Show is destroying Dreamer. Back in the ring, Show was distracted by the referee, then Dreamer gets a steel chair and nails Show with it. Referee calls for the bell. Dreamer destroys Show with the chair.

Winner: Big Show by Disqualification

HHH demands a match with RVD, Bischoff says not tonight, HHH says he’s the man, he’s the champ, he should get what he wants (he obviously does in real life), then Bischoff gives him the match. Jericho interrupts and says that he’s facing RVD tonight. Finally, Bischoff does something to make them both happy. Tonight’s main event will be HHH and Jericho vs RVD and Flair.


Jeff Hardy vs Crash Holly

Eric Bischoff interrupts and says that someone is jumping from RAW to Smackdown for family issues, and he accuses Jeff Hardy. Bischoff tells him that he should have given him a notice before he decided to leave, like a 3-minute notice, and the Island Boyz attack Hardy.

Crash Holly takes the microphone and says that Jeff isn’t the one leaving to Smackdown, it’s him.

Winner: No Contest (Match never started)


Lingerie Pillow fight Match
Stacy Keibler vs Terri Runnels

Special Referee: Jerry Lawler

The ring was all carpet, bed, teddy bears, etc. Lawler lays down on the bed and Stacy was on top of him, but Terri attacked her. She spanks Stacy. Terri fights back. Eventually, Terri pins Stacy. Stacy had placed an alarm clock in the pillow earlier in the match. She took the pillow and nailed Terri with it. She dumped some crap on her and she hit her with the pillow until the feathers came out.

Winner: Terri


Chris Jericho & HHH vs Ric Flair & RVD

Jericho and HHH attack RVD. Flair came down running to even things up. RVD delivers a few kicks on Jericho. Jericho fights back and chokes RVD in the corner. Flair gets the tag from RVD. Chops to the chest of Jericho, followed by several punches from Flair. HHH cheap shots Flair. Jericho tags HHH. HHH and Flair exchange hits, then Jericho gets the tag. Jericho chokes Flair on the rope. RVD and HHH get the tag at the same time. Heal kick by RVD on HHH. RVD throws Jericho to the outside. RVD goes on the top rope and jumps on HHH. RVD was going for the rolling thunder, but Jericho tripped him and nailed with with a steel chair. HHH covers, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. HHH tags Jericho. Suplex by Jericho, he covers, but RVD kicked out. RVD fought back. Walls of Jericho on RVD, but Flair hits Jericho to break up the hold. HHH gets the tag. Elbow drop on RVD. Flair gets the tag. He sends Jericho to the outside, then HHH sends Flair to the outside. Spinning kick by RVD on HHH, followed by a rolling thunder, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. HHH is going for the predigree, but RVD does a back body drop. RVD goes on the top rope, but Jericho pushes him off. Lionsault by Jericho. HHH covers RVD, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Flair has Jericho in the figure four on the outside. In the ring, HHH grabbed the title belt, but RVD does a spinning kick on the belt, which connected with HHH’s face. RVD does the 5 star frog splash for the win.

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Ric Flair

Look into WWE Raw Result – 8/19/02

Opening Segment

The Undertaker came out. The first thing he wants to say, he never made his political opinions public. Just like his country, he doesn’t take no shit. USA chants broke. He is proud to be a man, and he is proud to be American. He said only in America, a man can be himself. He can do anything he wants and say anything he wants and he can back it up with his fists. He has a deep problem, with the individuals who come in the U.S> and abuse their Freedom. He is talking about people who aren’t even citizens of the U.S. He is talking about the Un-Americans, and especially Test. At SummerSlam, he will take Test and make an example out of him. He wants to show him what happens when you screw with America. Another USA chant. He said that he isn’t your all American boy, but he is the American bad ass. Taker’s music hits, then Test comes out driving a motorcycle, and he has the American flag with him. Test enters the ring and takes the microphone out of Taker’s hand. Test tells him that for the longest time, he thought America sucked. Now that he is standing here, Taker sucks too. Taker knocks down Test, then the Un-Americans come out and help Test. But Booker T and Goldust come out to help the Undertaker and clean house.

Booker T takes the microphone and says that they aren’t through. He said that SummerSlam starts tonight. Booker T issues a challenge to the Un-Americans for tonight. Booker T, Goldust and Undertaker vs Test, Christian and Lance Storm.


Hardcore title match

Tons of WWE superstars are in the ring.

Eric Bischoff comes out and says that the Hardcore rule is no more. All the people in the ring are former hardcore champions, including Terri Runnels. They got 6 minutes, who ever is the hardcore champion will be the official Hardcore champion. He told them to stay away from some place beside the entrance ramp.

The match starts. Bradshaw pinned Tommy Dreamer. Fights are everywhere. Richards superkicks Bradshaw, then Crash pins him and wins the title. Jeff Hardy goes after Crash. Bubba pushes Johnny the Bull off the top rope. Spike is thrown to the outside by Crash. Crash tells Bubba to get the tables. Bubba powerbombs Crash threw the table. Dreamer comes in and pins Crash. Bradshaw comes in and powerbombs Dreamer, 1,2, but Bubba breaks up the count. Bubba does the Bubba bomb, 1,2 but Bradshaw breaks up the count. Bradshaw gets powerbombed by Bubba. Bubba superplexes Dreamer, 1,2 but Bradshaw breaks up the count. Other guys are fighting on the outside, some are knocked out. Time runs out and Dreamer was still Hardcore champion. After the match, another Kane promo was shown.

Winner: Still WWE Hardcore champion, Tommy Dreamer

Trish and Stacy are backstage. Stacy says that Eric might give her a title shot. They start arguing. Eric Bischoff comes in and says that the reason he asked them to come in his office. He says no one cares about women’s wrestling. Let’s give the fans what they really want, a bra and panties match. Let’s make it competitive, a bra and panties match in the mud.


Bra & Panties Mud Match
Trish Stratus vs Stacy Keibler

Stacy attacks Trish from behind and she throws her into the mud pool. Trish grabs Stacy and throws her in. Trish spanks Stacy. The referee is full of mud too by the way. They are pushing and slipping everywhere. They go out of the pool. Trish rolls Stacy up for the 1,2,3. After the match, Trish pushes Howard Finkel and Stacy in the pool.

Winner: Trish Stratus

Rock receives a package backstage. It was from Paul Heyman. Rock tells the lady that handed him the package, to hold on, then he says “Finally The rock has come back…….” Rock opens up the package, and it’s pictures of Hogan in blood (from his match against Lesnar.) Rock throws the pictures and leaves.


Triple H segment

HHH comes out with some documents in his hands. Nine times out of ten, what takes place in this ring is strictly business. Except for this time. At SummerSlam, HBK vs HHH, it’s personal. As much as he wants to fight HBK at SummerSlam, unless HBK takes care of business, there will be no match. He has contracts that need to be signed by Shawn. The document he has says that when he cripples Shawn, he cannot be held responsible. He doesn’t want to be sued for what he will do to HBK.

He says that tonight it’s going to be HHH and The Rock going at it. The title this time isn’t on the line. But what’s in the line, is the Rock’s ass. A few moments ago, Bischoff made this match a NO DQ match. He will send a message to Shawn through the Rock. He will do Brock a favor and leave a little piece of the Rock for Brock Lesnar. And when Brock shows up as WWE champ next week on RAW, Triple H will be waiting for him.

Chris Jericho’s music hits and he comes out. Y2J says “I am sorry, did I interrupt your little speech?” HHH reminds Y2J of WrestleMania. Y2J says he didn’t come out to argue, he came out to agree. He says that they have a lot in common. They share an intense hatred towards one another. He says that at SummerSlam they are facing a bunch of washed up has beens. Jericho says that they are a lot alike, except that Jericho is more talented. Y2J says that Fozzy will perform tonight in front of all these jackasses. Fozzy sucks chants started. Then Y2J says that maybe they aren’t much alike. Since Y2J has an easier opponent at SummerSlam. Flair comes out and nails Jericho with a garbage can and he puts it on the top of his head.


Booker T, Goldust & Undertaker vs The Un-Americans

The match starts on the entrance ramp. Then, Christian and Taker are in the ring going at it. Taler hammers away on Christian. Booker T gets the tag. Storm gets the tag. Booker takes down Storm. Storm throws Booker T to the outside. Test goes and does a number on Booker T and throws him back in the ring. Christian gets the tag. Christian chokes Booker. Christian tags Test. Test sends Booker to the turnbuckle and he runs after him and nails him. Full Nelson slam by Test. Test applies the sleeper hold on Booker T. Booker T fights back with a super kick. Test tags Christian, and Goldust gets the tag. Goldust takes down Christian, and goes after Storm. Goldust hammers away on Christian. Goldust goes for the shattered dreams on Christian. Everyone is fighting at the same time. Taker chokeslams Storm. Test pulls out Taker. Christian covers Goldust, 1,2 but Booker T makes the save. Goldust knocks down Storm. Christian nails Goldust with the tag belt, while referee, Nick Patrick was distracted and gets the win.

Winners: The Un-Americans


Eric Bischoff is talking to RVD backstage. Bischoff tells RVD that the IC title is important for RAW, and he has to get the belt back from Benoit. Big Show comes and tells Bischoff that he wants RVD in a match, and the winner would face Benoit. Bischoff says no, because he wants RVD has it in his contract and he wants him healthy for SummerSlam. Then RVD says that he has no problem facing Show. Bischoff finally agrees, but he says no title shot is on the line.

Terri Runnels interviews Ric Flair. Flair says that he’s totally focused on Jericho. Then Jericho attacks Flair with a garbage can. Jericho busts Flair open.


Rob Van Dam vs Big Show

RVD starts kicking Show on the leg. Drop kick on Show’s knee cap. Show fought back and threw RVD on the turnbuckle. The fights goes to the outside. RVD sends Show into the steel steps. Show fought back again, by picking up RVD and running him into the steel post. Show tosses RVD in the ring, and he also throws the steel steps too. Chokeslam on RVD. Show takes the steel steps and was about to nail RVD. But, Bischoff shows up and asks him what the hell is he doing? Bischoff says “3 minutes”, and the Island Boyz came and attacked Show.

Winner: By Disqualification, The Big Show


The Coach interviews The Rock. He tells Rock that HHH got his match a no DQ match. Rock says is that suppose to scare me? Rock says that him and HHH goes way back. Then he comes up with a story that they knew each other since they were babies in diapers. Then he makes fun HHH. He says for the 4,000,000th time, he is going to layeth the Smackdown on HHH’s candy ass. Coach asks him about the package and says they have a video of Paul Heyman and Brock. Rock says, the video is probably Heyman on the beach naked watching Lesnar work out. Then they show the video and it’s footage of Brock destroying wrestlers. After the video ended it says “Courtesy of: The Next WWE Undisputed Champion, Brock Lesnar.” Coach says that there is a rumor going on that Brock and Heyman are in the building. Rock then does his usual “if you smell…”


Eric Bischoff gives HHH the release papers, HBK faxed them and signed them. Bischoff tells him that his ass is getting caught if something happens to HBK. If they get sued, they won’t go after McMahon, but after Bischoff. HHH doesn’t care, he says he will cripple Shawn Michaels.

Fozzy performs on RAW. After they finished, the fans booed, so Jericho told them they sucked, and that they will play another song. Then Flair comes out and destroys the set and chases Jericho to the ring.


SummerSlam video package was shown, hyping up the current card.

Rock’s cell phone rings. He doesn’t answer. Heyman and Brock are showing coming down to their seats, because they got tickets. Heyman is shown leaving a message for the Rock on his voicemail.


Eric Bischoff and security were at ring side warning Brock and Heyman not even think about interfering in the match.

NO Disqualification Match
The Rock vs Triple H

They go face to face and exchange words. HHH tells him to just bring it. Rock starts delivering a few right hands. Clothesline by Rock. Rock has HHH pressured in the corner and is beating on him. HHH gets thrown to the outside. Rock delivers a devastating clothesline on HHH. HHH fought back. He picked Rock up and threw him on the security rails. HHH throws Rock in the ring. Right hand by Rock, but HHH knees Rock. HHH works on Rock’s ribs. HHH pressures Rock in the corner, and he continues to work on the Rock’s ribs. Abdominal stretch by HHH. HHH grabs the rope to apply more pressure. Rock flipped HHH. Right hands by Rock. Double clothesline, and both men are down. They get up, and Rock delivers a few right hands and down goes HHH. Spine buster by Rock. Rock does the people’s elbow, but takes time cover, 1,2, and HHH kicks out. Low blow by HHH. HHH throws Rock to the outside. HHH grabs the steel steps and nails the Rock across the face. HHH throws Rock in the ring. HHH grabs the sledgehammer. Brock is over the rails and security is surrounding him. HHH hits the referee. Shawn Michaels comes out and hits HHH. HBK was about to clothesline him, HHH ducks and HBK clotheslines Brock off the apron. HHH hits HBK and is going for the pedigree, but Rock makes the save. Brock Lesnar gets in HBK’s face, and HBK delivers a few right hands, followed by the super kick and Lesnar goes flying to the outside. Lesnar leaves between the crowd. HHH and Rock go at it again, then Rock goes between the crowd to go after Lesnar. HBK and HHH fight on the entrance ramp, and WWE officials are trying their best to stop them.


Look into WWE Raw – 8/12/02

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were shown in the crowd coming down to their seats, because they purchased RAW tickets. Lesnar was wearing a red Hulkamania shirt.

Eric Bischoff is shown telling security backstage that if Paul Heyman or Brock Lesnar do anything, to throw them out right away. He said, even if they have tickets they shouldn’t be allowed here, it’s his show.

Opening Segment HHH/Rock/Lesnar

Triple H came down to the ring. Mixed reaction really. HHH said that people told him how upset they were for attacking his best friend Shawn Michaels. He wants to set the record straight, him and Shawn were never best friends. He used HBK to get to the top, and just like Shawn used him to stay at the top. HHH said that this is just a game, a business, and the fact is, he is a better business man than Shawn Michaels. He said that he won more world titles than Shawn, he sold out more arenas, and he is better than Shawn Michaels was, even in his prime. He said that the fans made him sick with the chants “Triple H”, he said he hates that. He blames the fans on his loss against Hogan. He said that the fans used Triple H. he said the more he gave to the fans, the more he got weaker. HHH says that it all stops today.

Triple H then says that he is going to SummerSlam, not to beat Shawn, but to end his career. HHH says that after SummerSlam, Shawn will put his kid in his lap while he is in a wheel chair, and tell his son that Triple H is a real man. Then, the Rock’s music hits and he comes out.

“Finally, The Rock has come back to Seattle”, Rock says. The Rock starts walking down the ramp. The Rock says that Brock Lesnar wants to play mind games with the Rock? Rock said that Brock was so smart and bought a ticket, we he also bought a ticket for a Big Brahama Bull ass whoopin’ tonight!

HHH cuts the Rock and says, “Who the hell do you think you are?” The Rock says “The Rock is the guy that will get in the ring and whoop your ass.” “The Rock is something your not, the Undisputed champion, so shut up bitch.” HHH cuts him off again, and HHH says that if he walks in the ring, he will be the guy to get his ass kicked. Crowd started to chant “ASSHOLE”. Rock enters the ring, and says “Do you want to go?” HHH says “I would love to go!” They start fighting. Right hands by Rock, followed by a clothesline. Brock Lesnar gets up on the apron, Rock gets distracted in a way, and attacks Brock, then HHH hit Rock from behind and delivers the pedigree. Security comes and kicks Lesnar and Heyman out of the building.


Rock is arguing with Bischoff backstage over Brock Lesnar. Bischoff says that they’ve been kicked out of the building. Rock wants a match with HHH tonight. Bischoff didn’t really want to do the match. Rock argued more. Bischoff told him that he’ll think about it.

Inter Gender Tag Team Match
Spike & Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly & Chris Nowinski

Trish Stratus came in the ring, and told Howard Finkel that she has something for him. She slapped him and told him that it was for Lilian.

Spike starts off with Chris. Chris kicks him and then body slams him. Back suplex by Chris. Molly gets the tag, and covers Spike, 1,2 but he kicked out. Spike gets up, hits Chris off the apron and tags Trish. Trish delivers a few chops to the chest of Molly. Molly sent Trish to the ropes, and Chris delivered the boot to the face. Chris gets the tag. He slams Trish. Trish fights back and delivers a bulldog. Spike gets the tag. Chris catches Spike in mid air and puts him on the top rope. Spike pushes him off and jumps on him. Molly gets involved, and Spike pushes Molly to Trish and Trish takes care of her on the outside. In the ring, Chris does some kind of slam and gets the win.

Winners: Molly Holly and Chris Nowinski


Eric Bischoff is shown walking backstage. Goldust stops him to talk to him. He says that is Booker T wins tonight against Lance Storm, he wants a shot at the tag team titles. Bischoff agrees. The mini-Dust is shown humping Eric Bischoff’s leg, and Bischoff yells at him.

Howard Finkel introduces himself to the crowd. Saying he’s the best announcer..etc. Then he issues an apology to his friend and co-worker Lilian Garcia. He is sorry for her not getting what was coming to her a lot sooner. Pyros go off and a small Kane promo is shown. Howard was scared to death. (Meaning that Kane will soon come to RAW)

Bischoff makes a match between RVD and Chris Benoit for SummerSlam for the Intercontinental title. Matt and Jeff Hardy were waiting their turn to talk to Bischoff and they finally do. Matt says why does RVD get a title shot, he lost the belt. He wants the title shot. Bischoff tells him that RVD is guaranteed a shot. Matt says what about he gets a shot at the guaranteed shot, meaning him vs RVD, winner gets the IC title shot against Chris Benoit at SummerSlam. Bischoff says “Why not your brother Jeff?” matt says “Well I asked first!” Bischoff says he will flip a coin, if it’s heads Jeff will get the shot, and if it’s tails, Matt will get the shot. He flips, and it’s head, meaning Jeff will face RVD tonight, and the winner will face Chris Benoit at SummerSlam.


Lance Storm (w/Christian) vs Booker T (w/Goldust & Mini-Dust)

Lance Storm takes off his shirt and throws it at Booker T. They lock up, and Booker T twists Storm’s arm. Then the hold was let go. They lock up again, and Storm pressures Booker T to the corner and throws a few shots at him. Booker fights back. Body slam on Storm. Booker T goes for the scissors kick, but missed and lands on the ropes. Storm delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Booker T. Sleeper hold by Storm, then lets go. Storm puts Booker in the corner, then Booker T reverses it and puts Storm in the corner and beats on him. Them, Booker T rolled Storm up, 1,2 but Storm kicked out. Storm fought back and delivered a suplex, 1,2 but Booker T kicked out. Storm sends Booker T to the ropes, Booker T flies back with a clothesline. Booker drops Storm face first. Booker T does the spinaroonie. Booker was going for the scissors kick, but Christian grabs his foot. Goldust nails Christian. Booker T does the scissors kick and gets the win.

After the match, Test comes to help out. Then, The Undertaker came out and pounded on Test. Then, they ran away from the Undertaker. Mini-Dust tried jumping over the rail to go in the crowd to follow whoever was chasing whoever, and he couldn’t because he was too short. So he went on the steel steps and jumped, but he hurt himself, then he got back up and was mad that he couldn’t get over the security rail.

Winner: Booker T


Eric Bischoff is in the ring talking to Mini-Dust. Bischoff says that tonight, the main event will be an 8-man tag. The Un-Americans and Triple H against Booker T, Goldust, the Undertaker and The Rock. That’s why RAW is a superior product. Eric Bischoff gives the people what they want. He says that the people want Mini-Dust. Eric Bischoff asks him to entertain the crowd. He does a cartwheel. Then he asks for a spinaroonie. Mini-Dust does it. Then, the Island Boyz came and they attacked Mini-Dust and they just beat the hell out of him.

Eric Bischoff then introduces the newest member of RAW, Stacy Keibler. She comes out, then she strips down to her panties and starts dancing. Then she goes on the announcing table and resumes her dancing.

Paramedics are shown putting Mini-Dust on a stretcher.


Chris Jericho & Big Show vs Ric Flair & Bubba Ray Dudley

Flair starts off against Jericho. Flair trips Jericho, then takes him down. They lock up, Jericho pressures him into the corner. Jericho delivers a few chops to the chest of Flair. Back body drop by Jericho. Jericho goes for the elbow, but misses. Bubba gets the tag. Bubba clotheslines Jericho. He has Jericho in the corner, whips him into the other turnbuckle. The, Show gets the tag, and crushes Bubba in the corner. Show whips him into the other turnbuckle. Flair made a blind tag. He goes on the top rope, but Jericho caught up to him and held him, while Show got there in time and gorilla plexed him off the top rope. Show suplexes Flair. Jericho gets the tag. Show holds Flair, while Jericho takes shots. Elbow drop by Jericho. Jericho chokes Flair on the ropes. Jericho runs and jumps, but Flair got out of the way and Jericho lands hard on the ropes. Bubba gets the tag. Show accidently clotheslines Jericho, then Bubba knocks Show off the apron. Sidewalk slam by Bubba on Jericho, 1,2, but the count was broken. All four men are fighting now. Show gets sent to the outside. Bubba delivers a few shots on Jericho, and knocks him down. Bubba tells himself to get the tables. Show grabs Bubba and chockeslams him with one arm. Jericho goes for the lionsault, but Bubba got his knees up. Show and Flair are fighting on the outside. In the ring, Bubba was going for the Bubba bomb, but Jericho low blowed him and did the Walls of Jericho, and got the win.

After the match, Flair and Jericho got it on, then Flair pulls down Jericho’s pants, and does the figure four on him, and leaves.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Big Show


Coach gets a word with Jericho. Jericho says that Ric Flair thinks it’s funny to pull down his pants? Jericho says that Flair thinks he’s the greatest of all time? Jericho says that next week, his band Fozzy will play on RAW. Then Jericho challenges Ric Flair for SummerSlam.

A Shawn Michaels video clip was shown.


WWE Hardcore Championship
Tommy Dreamer vs Steven Richards

Dreamer had a kendo stick, and Richards had a chair. They started swinging and stuff. Then Dreamer hits Richards with the kendo stick. Neck breaker by Dreamer. Dreamer grabs the chair, was about to hit Richards, but Richards quickly grabbed the kendo stick and beat him with it. Richards rams Dreamer’s knee into the steel chair and he stomps his knee. Richards took the kendo stick and wacked Dreamer on the leg. Dreamer fights back with a few right hands. Spine buster, 1,2 but Richards kicked out. Superkick by Richards. Richards took the chair and threw it on Dreamer. Dreamer did fight back and hung Richards up side down on the turnbuckle. He nailed him with the chair. Richards somehow does the DDT, 1,2 but Dreamer kicked out. Dreamer took the steel chair and nailed Richards across the face for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Still WWE Hardcore champion, Tommy Dreamer

They showed video clips of WWE’s Global Warning Tour from Melbourne, Australia.


Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam

Jeff takes the early advantage. Then, RVD counters on a move and delivers a sling shot. Match goes back and forth. Match goes to the outside. Jeff is on the security rails about to jump, but RVD trips him. RVD goes on the apron and does a spinning kick on Jeff, who was laying on the security rail. Match goes back in the ring. RVD goes on the top rope and drop kicks Jeff. Rolling thunder,1,2 but Jeff kicked out. RVD applies the head scissors, but Jeff manages to escape the hold. Both men exchange punches. Devastating DDT by Jeff. Jeff goes on the top rope, then RVD gets up and kicks him. RVD goes up on the third rope, Jeff shoves him down and RVD lands on the referee. Jeff goes for the swanton bomb, but misses. Matt Hardy comes down and does the twist of fate on his brother, Jeff. RVD hits the 5 star and gets the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


Terri talks to the Un-Americans. Terri asks Lance and Christian about their tag team title match at SummerSlam against Booker T and Goldust. Christian says that they are looking forward to it. Test tells Terri to shut up. Test said that he got a match with the Undertaker at SummerSlam.

Eric Bischoff and yells at Kevin Dunn in the production truck for airing a Smackdown promo. Kevin tells him that it wasn’t from them, it was a part of the commercials. The network aired those not him. Bischoff was very upset.


8-man Tag Team Match
Un-Americans & HHH vs Undertaker, Goldust, Booker T & Rock

Christian starts off against Goldust. Goldust starts beating on Christian. Christian fights back, and tags Storm. Booker T gets the tag. Booker T delivers a few chops to the chest. Side kick by Booker, and down goes Storm, 1,2 but Storm kicked out. Rock gets the tag. Rock throws Storm to the outside. Rock gets distracted with HHH, then Storm attacks Rock from behind. Rock fought back and delivered a DDT. Rock throws HHH in the ring and was about to beat him, but he was attacked. HHH gets legally tagged in and goes after Rock. Rock fights back with punches. HHH fought back too, and tagged Christian. Belly to belly overhead suplex by Rock on Christian. Booker T gets the tag. Christian chokes him in the corner. Storm gets the tag. Storm beats on Booker T. Booker T fights back, Booker knocks Christian off the apron. Test gets the tag and stomps on Booker T in the corner. Test covers, 1,2 but Goldust makes the save. HHH gets the tag. HHH chokes Booker T. Vertical suplex by HHH, 1,2 but Undertaker breaks up the count. Christian get sthe tag back and applies a sleeper hold on Booker T. Booker T elbows Christian, and fights his way back up. Christian fought back to with a drop kick. Test gets the tag and puts the sleeper on Booker T. Booker T once again, fights his way back up. But Test is still in control. HHH gets the tag. HHH puts the sleeper on Booker T. Face buster by HHH. Scissors kick by Booker T. Both men are down. Booker T finally makes the tag, and Taker comes in and cleans house. Undertaker takes on everybody. Taker was going for the double chokeslam, but HHH hits him. All eight men are fighting at the same time now. Taker was going to chokeslam Test, but HHH does the low blow. HHH clotheslines Booker to the outside. HHH was going for the pedigree on Taker, but Rock comes in and sends him to the outside. Rock Bottom on Test, 1,2 but HHH pulls the Rock away. Undertaker is going for the last ride, but Test comes in and delivers the boot to the face of the Undertaker, while the Undertaker had Christian up for the last ride. Test covers the Undertaker for the 1,2,3.

Winners: The Un-Americans and Triple H