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WWE RAW Results (June 24, 2002)

e WWE promo hits followed by the RAW promo as the pyro goes off in the Gund Arena in Cleveland, OH starting the show off.

- All RAW superstars appear standing on the outside of the WWE ring on the ring apron.

Vince McMahon Segment
“No Chance In Hell” hits as Vince McMahon gets into the ring and gets on the mic. McMahon says that many superstars in the past ask him a question that he will answer tonight. McMahon says everyone knows he is a success and he knows everyone wants to know his secret on why he is. McMahon says he will share that very secret. Ruthless aggression. McMahon says he took on every wrestling promoter and kicked everyone of their asses. And why, because of ruthless aggression. McMahon says he took on the US Federal Government and the WCW and he kicked both of their asses because of ruthless agression. McMahon asks the WWE superstars if they have ruthless agression to stand out more than anyone /*. McMahon says no one out here has that except for the 2002 King of the Ring winner…”The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesnar. McMahon gets in RVD’s face and asks if that bothers him on how Lesnar won his King of the Ring title. McMahon gets in Bubba Ray Dudley’s face and tells Bubba that since he did what he did at King of the Ring, he will now face Eddie Guerrero tonight. McMahon gets in Jeff Hardy’s face and says that since he likes to mess with The Undertaker, he will face him tonight in a one-on-one match but not for the title. McMahon asks the WWE superstars around the ring who will be the next legend but he doesn’t think anyone has what it takes. McMahon goes to leave the ring when the nWo’s music hits. Big Show, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and X-Pac all appear. HBK gets on the mic and greets Vince McMahon. HBK says he apologizes for their tardiness but he couldn’t help hear what he was saying about “ruthless aggression.” And what he said all pertained to the nWo. HBK says that if McMahon needs help cleaning down all the trash on the RAW brand, the nWo is here for it. Kevin Nash gets on the mic and says that if anyone has a problem with that, they should headline some WrestleMania’s before they speak. Booker T gets in the ring and gets on the mic. Booker T says he thinks the nWo sucks when Goldust comes in and says they are pals and even practically married. Booker T shuts up Goldust and he demands McMahon put him in the ring with anyone in the nWo. McMahon says he cant give Booker T Shawn Michaels tonight because Michaels is an Icon and no one here is. McMahon says it won’t be Kevin Nash for a while until he recovers from his injury. McMahon says however if Nash doesn’t recover from his injury and live up to his benefits, he will join the unemployment line like his buddy Scott Hall. Booker T gets on the mic and says he can take out the nWo with that Gold freak. McMahon says a Tag Team Match will be made tonight with Booker T and Goldust taking on Big Show and X-Pac of the nWo. McMahon says Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash cannot intefere in the match. Booker T gets on the mic and says that tonight he will take out those nWo punks…SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Booker To does the spinearooni as RAW goes to commercial.


Tag Team Match
Bradshaw & Spike Dudley vs. William Regal & Chris Nowinski
Match starts with Spike jumping on both Regal and Nowinski on the outside. Nowinski gets into the ring and Bradshaw takes him out with punches and kicks. Bradshaw hits a quick clothesline and goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Nowinski charges at Bradshaw but Bradshaw catches him and hits a big fallaway slam. Spike gets the tag and he hits a spinning elbow to the head of Nowinski. Nowinski throws Spike to the outside while Regal works on him. Regal throws Spike back in and Nowinski gives him a shoulder breaker. Nowinski goes for the pin but only gets a two count. William Regal gets the tag and hits a quick snapmare followed by a knee to the face. Regal goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Nowinski gets the tag and Spike fights back with big punches. Bradshaw gets the tag and takes out both Regal and Nowinski. Bradshaw hits a big boot on Regal followed by hitting an elbow to the face on Nowinski. Spike attempts the Dudley Dog on Nowinski but he throws Spike to the outside. Nowinski then rolls Bradshaw up from behind and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winners: William Regal & Chris Nowinski

- Vince McMahon is shown backstage talking to Sgt. Slaughter. McMahon says he wants to get rid of certain individuals on the RAW roster and he says they will start with Tommy Dreamer and Raven tonight. McMahon tells Slaughter to set up a match tonight between the both that makes sure one of those two wrestle there last night on RAW ever. McMahon goes into the next room and Jackie from Tough Enough 2 is in it wearing a trench coat. Jackie tells McMahon that she is very aggressive. McMahon agrees and sets up a match tonight pitting herself and the new Women’s Champion Molly Holly against Trish Stratus and Linda from Tough Enough 2. Jackie takes off her trench coat and shows McMahon how she will win tomorrow night. The Undertaker walks in and asks Vince what he is doing. Undertaker tells Vince that The Rock almost cost him the Undisputed Title last night at King of the Ring. Undertaker says he wants The Rock tonight on RAW. McMahon says Rock isn’t here tonight and his apperance last week was a one-time deal only. McMahon says besides, he already has a match tonight against Jeff Hardy. Undertaker says he knows McMahon is looking for new superstars and tonight, he will make Jeff Hardy famous the old fashion way.


WWE REWIND: Bubba Ray Dudley interfering at the King of the Ring last night helping Ric Flair beat Eddie Guerrero.

- Before the match starts, Eddie Guerrero tells Bubba Ray Dudley in the ring that a table will not intimidate him. Guerrero says if they want to see a star, they better take a good look at Latino Heat.

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Eddie Guerrero
Match starts with Bubba Ray taking down Guerrero with elbows to the back followed by a scoop slam. Guerrero charges at Bubba Ray Dudley and kicks him in the head but Bubba fights back with a back body drop. Bubba Ray hits a quick elbow to the head on Guerrero taking him down. Bubba Ray Dudley tells the crowd he is going to get the tables. Guerrero stops Dudley and hits a quick huricanranna rolling him up getting the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

- After the match, Guerrero gets the table from the outside and sets it up in the ring. Guerrero turns around but Bubba Ray hits him with a kick to the gut followed by a big powerbomb through the table! Chris Benoit runs out and takes Bubba Ray down and locks the Crippler Crossface on him. Many WWE referees run down to the ring and break it up kicking Benoit out of the ring.


- A promo hits showing highlights from Rey Mysterio Jr.’s wrestling career followed by a graphic saying “HE’S COMING.”

- Goldust then appears dressed up like the Crocodile Hunter. He says tonight instead of looking for Crocs, they will go to the nWo locker room. Goldust walks into the locker room and comes upon The Giant aka Big Show sleeping. X-Pac walks out and chases Goldust out of the locker room.

- Jeff Hardy is shown getting ready for his match with The Undertaker. Matt says tonight is Jeff’s night and Jeff says that tonight he will become a star.

- Goldust is then shown being chased by Goldust when Goldust runs into a room. X-Pac follows but gets knocked out by Booker T. Booker T taunts X-Pac and does the usual “SUCKAAAAAAAA” routine.


Loser Leaves RAW
Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven
Match starts with both men locking up but Raven getting the advantage in the corner taking down Dreamer with many kicks. Raven hits a quick clothesline followed by a knee lift. Raven goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Raven gets up on the top rope holding onto Dreamer’s head. Raven jumps and drives his knee into Dreamer’s head. Raven goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Raven attempts a bulldog but Dreamer throws Raven into the corner and takes him down with two quick punches. Dreamer hits a quick powerslam but only gets a two count. Dreamer hits a quick neck breaker on Raven but only gets a two count. Dreamer charges at Raven in the corner but Raven moves out of the way. Raven goes for the Evenflow DDT but Dreamer counters out of it and hits a DDT of his own. Dreamer goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Raven throws Dreamer into the ropes and hits a quick inverted DDT. Raven goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Dreamer throws Raven into the ropes, catches him up on his shoulders and hits the Death Valley Driver. Dreamer goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

- After the match, WWE security escorts Raven out of the building.

- Brock Lesnar is shown backstage when Paul Heyman walks up and says that it is now time to honor the 2002 King of the Ring.

- Raven is shown again still being escorted taking his things and going to the arena parking lot. When he gets outside to the parking lot, Matt Hardy spears him into the car garage steel door followed by throwing him onto a car. Hardy tells Raven to have a good trip.


2002 King of the Ring Coronation Ceremony – Brock Lesnar
Jim Ross is in the ring with Paul Heyman. Ross says that usually the King of the Ring winner gets some kind of prestigious title but this year they get a shot at the Undipusted Title at SummerSlam on August 25th. Heyman gets on the mic and introduces “The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesnar. Heyman gets on the mic and says that Brock Lesnar is the answer to all of Vince McMahon’s questions. Heyman says no one has the desire like Brock Lesnar does in the WWE. Heyman says he would like all the fans to stand and applaud the 2002 King of the Ring winner Brock Lesnar. Rob Van Dam then gets into the ring and nails Lesnar from behind. RVD hits Lesnar with a big spinning heel kick knocking Lesnar to the outside. Lesnar stares down RVD but Heyman holds him back.


- Backstage, Paul Heyman is shown complaining to Vince McMahon after what Rob Van Dam did to Brock Lesnar. McMahon asks Heyman what he should do. Heyman says he should make a match between Lesner and RVD for RVD’s WWE Intercontinental Title. McMahon agrees and pumps up Lesnar for the match tonight.

Non-Title Match
The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy
Match starts with Undertaker hitting a knee to Jeff Hardy’s gut. Undertaker throws Jeff to the corner and hits a few elbows the chest. Undertaker throws Jeff into the corner, Jeff bounces off, Undertaker grabs Jeff and connects him with a big bodyslam. Undertaker goes for the pin but lifts himself up after two. Undertaker picks up Jeff, backs up, and hits a big boot to the face. Jeff rolls under the bottom rope by the ring apron. Undertaker gets up on the ring apron, jumps, but Jeff moves out of the way. Jeff jumps over the top rope and takes down Undertaker on the outside. Jeff jumps up on the guard railing, jumps at Undertaker but Undertaker catches him and hits a big chokeslam on the outside. Undertaker rolls Jeff back into the ring and hits the Last Ride. Undertaker pins Jeff and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner: The Undertaker

- After the match, The Undertaker gets on his bike and leaves when Jeff Hardy gets on the mic. Jeff tells Undertaker that he wants a match with him again next week but this time for the Undisputed Title. Jeff says he is not done yet though. It will be his kind of match…a ladder match! Undertaker accepts and leaves.


Tag Team Match
Trish Stratus & Linda Miles vs. Molly Holly & Jackie Gayda
Before the match starts, Molly Holly gets on the mic and says that it is an honor to bring back dignity to the WWE Women’s Title. Match starts with Trish taking down Molly but Jackie then gets the tag. Trish works on Jackie until Linda gets the tag. Linda works on Jackie’s elbow until Trish climbs up the top rope and nails it. Trish gets the tag and works on Jackie’s elbow again. Linda gets the tag and does the same. Jackie sends Linda into the ropes, Molly kicks Linda from behind, and Jackie hits a quick clothesline. Molly gets takes Jackie down hitting a few elbows to the back. Molly then chokes Linda with the second rope. Jackie interferes from the ring apron and chokes Linda as well. Molly throws Linda into the ropes, Linda jumps over Molly and hits a sunset flip but only gets a two count. Molly hits a quick snap suplex on Linda. Jackie gets the tag and climbs the top rope. Molly holds Linda but Linda hits a dropkick on her. Molly hits the ropes making Jackie fall. Trish runs at Jackie on the top rope and hits her hurricanranna. Trish goes for the pin but Molly breaks it up. Linda throws Jackie to the outside while Molly attempts a charge in the corner but Trish moves out of the way. Trish grabs Molly and hits the Stratusfaction. Trish goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winners: Trish Stratus & Linda Miles


- The Coach is shown standing by with Rob Van Dam. Coach asks RVD if he thinks he can still walk away tonight still the WWE Intercontinental Champion after his match with Brock Lesnar tonight. RVD says of course he will because he is Rob-Van-Dam. Paul Heyman walks up and calls RVD a son of a bitch when Brock Lesnar cuts Heyman off and speaks, yes speaks. He tells RVD he will show him just what ruthless agression is all about tonight.

- The nWo is shown walking with Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels yelling at X-Pac and Big Show to go get the job done tonight against Booker T and Goldust. Big Show and X-Pac say they will.


SLAM OF THE WEEK: The nWo taking out Booker T and Goldust last week on RAW.

Tag Team Match
nWo (Big Show & X-Pac) vs. Booker T & Goldust
Match starts with Booker T and Big Show. Both men lockup but Big Show slams Booker back down hard. Both men lockup again but Big Show backs Booker into the corner and hits a hard chop to the chest. Big Show goes for a clothesline but Booker ducks and gives Big Show some big chops to the chest. Booker tries to throw Big Show into the ropes but he pulls Booker back and hits a big side slam. X-Pac gets the tag and hits a chop on Booker in the corner. Booker takes down X-Pac with a big heel kicks followed by a knee to the head. Goldust gets the tag and Booker tosses X-Pac in the corner followed by Goldust charging at him. Goldust backs up, runs, and hits the Bronco Buster on X-Pac! Goldust then hits a Manhatten Drop followed by a clothesline. Goldust gets taken down by a big spinning heel kick from X-Pac. Big Show gets the tag and he hits a big knee lift on Goldust. Big Show picks up Goldust and then hits a big scoop slam. X-Pac gets the tag and he charges at Goldust in the corner many times followed by a scoop slam and a quick leg drop. X-Pac goes for the pin but Booker T breaks it up. Goldust goes for a clothesline, X-Pac ducks, Goldust grabs X-Pac from behind and rolls him up but only gets a two count. X-Pac throws Goldust into the corner and hits two big hard chops. Big Show gets the tag and hits a big suplex followed by a leg drop on Goldust. Big Show taunts at Booker T when he picks up Goldust and hits an inverted DDT. Big Show goes for the pin but Booker T breaks it up. X-Pac gets the tag and he takes down Goldust in the corner. X-Pac backs up, runs, but misses the Bronco Buster. Booker T gets the tag as well as Big Show. Booker nails X-Pac in the corner, Big Show charges, Booker moves and Big Show connects with X-Pac in the corner. Big Show charges at Booker T, Booker ducks and hits a spinning heel kick. Big Show gets on one knee and Booker hits a scissors kick. X-Pac gets in but Booker takes him down with a spinebuster. Both Booker T and Goldust pick up Big Show and hit a big suplex! X-Pac pulls Booker to the outside which leaves Goldust and Big Show in the ring. Goldust sets up Big Show for the Shattered Dreams but Big Show catches Goldust in the corner when he charges at him and hits a big chokeslam! Big Show goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winners: nWo (Big Show & X-Pac)


WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
Match starts with Lesnar charging at RVD picking him up in the air and slamming him in the corner. Lesnar throws RVD into the other corner and hits a big clothesline. Lesnar chokes RVD in the corner until the referee breaks it up. Lesnar chokes RVD again but this time with his foot. Lesnar throws RVD into the other corner, RVD lifts a boot, gets up on the turnbuckle and hits a big kick to the face. RVD charges at Lesnar in the other cornering looking to hit a monkey flip but Lesnar holds RVD up, RVD counters and hits a hurricanranna! Lesnar rolls to the outside, RVD jumps over the top rope, Lesner catches him and nails him off the turnbuckle. RVD attempts a spinning heel kick on Lesnar but Lesnar catches his foot, lifts him in the air and connects with a modified chokeslam. Lesnar goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Lesnar picks up RVD and hits a big overhead belly to belly suplex. RVD catches Lesnar with an elbow to the face when Lensar tried to charge at him but Lesnar fights back with yet another overhead belly to belly suplex. Lesnar goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Lesnar picks up RVD and hits two big backbreakers. RVD fights back with a few punches and kicks. RVD goes off the ropes and takes Lesnar down to his knees. RVD goes off the ropes again but this time Lesnar catches him with a clothesline. RVD gets on his feet but Lesnar applies a bearhug on him. RVD tries to fight out of the submission but Lesnar slams him back down hard. Lesnar goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Lesnar throws RVD into the corner, RVD bounces off, Lesnar catches him up on his shoulder and Lesnar charges RVD onto the corner. Lesnar throws RVD back up onto his shoulders again and does the same. Lesnar attempts it one more time but RVD slides off his shoulders and kicks him into the corner. RVD hits a few big kicks followed by connecting with the Rolling Thunder. RVD goes for the pin but only gets a two count. RVD goes off the ropes again but this time hits a quick moonsault. RVD goes for the pin but once again gets a two count. Hyeman interferes from the outside holding RVD’s leg. Lesnar charges, RVD moves, Lesnar hits his neck on the second rope. RVD climbs the top rope and hits a big kick to the face on Lesnar. RVD climbs the top rope, Heyman interferes, Lesnar grabs RVD and holds him up high above. RVD gets down, RVD goes for a kick but Lesnar holds his leg. RVD then hits a big spinning heel kick. RVD then hits a moonsault from the top rope. RVD goes for the pin, 1, 2, Heyman gets into the ring and breaks it up as the referee rings the bell.

Winner by DQ & STILL Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam

- After the match, Paul Heyman goes to the outside and throws in a steel chair. Brock Lesnar picks it up, RVD runs and hits the Van Daminator into Lesnar’s face with the steel chair! Heyman gets into the ring but RVD takes him down, climbs the top rope and hits the Five Star Frog Splash! RVD rolls to the outside but Brock Lesnar catches him and slams him back down hard onto the outside. Lesnar then clears the announcers table, picks up RVD and powerbombs him through it as RAW goes off the air…


WWF RAW Results (April 22, 2002)

Picture and sound clips of Backlash’s main event were shown. They showed how Hulk Hogan won the WWF title.

Match #1
Brock Lesnar w/Heyman vs Matt Hardy

Matt attacks Brock. Brock fought back and picked him up and slammed him. Brock worked on Matt’s injured ribs. Back breaker by Brock. Bear hug by Brock. Brock shoved Matt in the corner, and he ran to crush him in the corner, but Matt moved and Brock went shoulder first into the steel post. Matt fought back and did a leg drop from the top rope. Matt was going for the twist of fate, but Brock picked Matt up and drop him. Brock Lesnar delivered a huge powerbomb. The referee then stops the match, because Matt couldn’t continue.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Ric Flair was backstage walking and was saying hello to some of the WWF employees and they seemed to be mad at him for not seeing Austin’s foot on the rope from last night. Flair said that he didn’t see it and told them that they got a show to do and to get back to work. Undertaker came and said “Thanks Flair” for last night. Undertaker told Flair that he did the right thing last night. Ric Flair made it clear that he didn’t see Austin’s foot, and Undertaker said “sure you can say that.” Undertaker thanked him again for counting the 1,2,3 last night. Undertaker told Flair that he is going to the ring to publicly thank him.


Undertaker Segment

Undertaker came out. As your number one contender, Undertaker would like to take this time to compliment someone on a job well done. He compliments Ric Flair on the job he did at Backlash. He said Flair called that match right down the middle, and when the time was right, he counted, 1,2,3. Flair did the right thing. Undertaker said that it didn’t matter who the referee was, he was still going to beat Austin. Undertaker said that he gets to go to Judgment Day and to fight the Immortal, Hulk Hogan. He said that everyone is all caught up with the Hogan comeback story. Undertaker said that without him, Hogan wouldn’t have won last night. HHH was shown walking backstage, and Undertaker said that he can’t be here, he is suppose to be on Smackdown. HHH’s music hits and he comes down and all hell broke loose. HHH and Undertaker resume their fighting on the outside. HHH hit the Undertaker with a TV monitor. Referees came to stop the fight, but HHH knocked them down and continued to go after Taker. They were fighting everywhere. The fight went backstage. HHH took a sledghammer from a car parked backstage and nailed the Undertaker with it. Security and police came and cuffed HHH.


Tons of Scorpion King hype….

Goldust and Booker T were talking about the Scorpion King and they showed a small highlight of it. Booker T the movie was great, but Rock can’t act and he should have been the one in that movie. Booker T said that, “this is what would have happened if I were in the movie.” They replayed the same thing, but Booker T was holding a sword. Goldust said that he should have been in it. Booker T said that if Goldust was in it, it would be called “The Scorpion Queen”.

Flair and Regal are getting coffee. Regal “congratulates” him on his refereeing job. Flair said that it was an honest mistake.

Match #2
Mr. Perfect vs Rob Van Dam

Eddie Guerrero was doing some color commentary with Jim Ross and Lawler.

Perfect attacks RVD from behind, on the outside. Perfect sends him back in. Drop kick by RVD and Perfect goes to the outside. Perfect fought back and delievered a couple of chops to the chest of RVD. Spinning kick by RVD, 1,2 but Perfect kicked out. Perfect tried to pin RVD while he had his feet son the rope, but the referee saw it. Spinning kick by RVD, followed by the frog splash, 1,2,3. After the match, Guerrero went in the ring and attacked RVD and went for the frog splash, but RVD missed.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

*WWF Flashback*
They showed when Hogan won his first WWF title on January 23, 1984, against the Sheik.


Match #3
Trish Stratus & Jacky vs Jazz & Molly

Molly starts off with Jacky. Head lock by Jacky. Jacky takes Molly down. Jazz gets the tag and so does Trish. Trish hammers away on Jazz. Molly kicks Trish in the back and Jazz clotheslined her. Jazz went for a splash, but Trish moved. Trish tagged Jacky, and Jazz tagged Molly. Jacky takes both women down. Trish and Jazz are fighting on the outside. Jazz sends Trish into the steel steps. In the ring, Trish was fighting off Molly. Jazz hits Jacky with the belt and Molly clotheslined her and got the win.

Winners: Jazz & Molly

Ric Flair is talking to Arn Anderson. He told Arn about people ignoring him and thinking that he helped Taker. Arn tells Flair to go in the ring and to straighten the whole thing out. Flair said that’s a good idea, and he will prove that he didn’t see Austin’s foot on the rope.


WrestleMania 5 Flashback was shown.. When Hogan defeated Randy Macho Man Savage.

Ric Flair Segment

Ric Flair said that he didn’t come out tonight to make excuses. He came out to set the record straight. He said that he did a lousy job as a referee at Backlash; he did a mistake. Steve Austin’s foot was on the rope and he blew the call. Flair asked them to play the footage from last night. They showed the footage from the angle Ric Flair saw it last night. By the angle they showed, he proved that he couldn’t have seen it. He said that he likes Austin and he’s friends with him. Flair apologizes from the bottom of his heart. The glass breaks and Austin comes out.

Here we go again.. The “what” chants start. Austin says that Flair is full of crap. He said that when he screwed him, Flair made the single most biggest mistake of his life. Flair said that he made an honest mistake and he isn’t his enemy and he isn’t Vince McMahon. Austin gives Flair the finger. Ric Flair said that he doesn’t blame Austin for feeling this way. Flair says that he will make it up to him. Flair makes a tag match. Austin and Bradshaw against the nWo.


Match #4
Bubba & Spike Dudley vs Goldust & Booker T

Bubba and Goldust start things off. Bubba hammers away on Goldust in the corner. Suplex by Bubba. Spike gets the tag and jumps on Goldust. Roll-up by Spike, 1,2 but Goldust kicked out. Booker T beats on Spike on the outside and throws him back in. Goldust knocks down Spike, and tags Booker T. Booker stomps on Spike in the corner.Side kick by Booker T, 1,2 but Spike kicked out. Goldust gets the tag. He pulls Spike by the hair and drags him down. Sleeper by Goldust. Spike gets out of the hold. Bubba gets the tag. He slams Booker T. Spike goes on the top rope and jumps on Booker T. Goldust and Booker were on the outside. Spike tells Bubba to get the tables. Goldust attacks Bubba on the outside…. Booker T gets the win. (I missed the last part because I was flipping from ABC to TSN, since Bret Hart was on ABC, so just wanted to watch a bit of it.

Winners: Goldust & Booker T

After the match, Steven Richards came out and hit Bubba with a trash can lid, but Bubba kicked out. Bubba powerbombed Steven through the table on the outside.

WrestleMania 7 flashback… When Hogan pinned SGT. Slaughter


Match #5
Shawn Stasiak vs William Regal

Regal nailed Stasiak with the brass knuckle and got the win. Just that quick.

Winner: William Regal

Bradshaw was found knocked out backstage. No one saw who did it, but Flair has an idea.


Flair enters the nWo’s locker room and he tells them that he knows they did it. They denied it. Flair leaves and Nash comes in the locker room, Flair goes back in and tells him to leave, because he has already suspended him. Flair says that Austin’s tag team partner is the Big Show.

*WWF Flashback*
Tuesday Night in Texas. When Hogan beat the Undertaker to regain the WWF title.


*WWF Flashback*
WrestleMania 9, when Hogan beat Yokozuna for the WWF title, after Yoko had won the belt from Bret Hart.

Hulk Hogan Segment

Jim Ross kept making reference that it was 18 years ago that Hulk Hogan won his first WWF title.

Hogan chants everywhere. “Man it’s still running wild isn’t it!”, Hogan says. Hogan said that HHH deserves a rematch. Hogan said that 18 years ago, Hulkamania was born and last night it was re-born. Hogan says that he didn’t get to the top by himself, it was the fans who helped him. Then Hogan says, “Undertaker, watcha gonna do, when Hulkamania runs wild on you!” Hogan does his legendary poses.


Match #6
Scott Hall & X-Pac vs Steve Austin & Big Show

Show starts off against X-Pac. Show just overpowers him completely. Hall gets the tag. Hall throws his toothpick in Show’s face, and Show shoves him to the mat. Hall says he wants Austin. Show tags Austin. Austin hammers away on Hall


WWF RAW Results (February 25, 2002)

Opening Segment

Hogan, Hall and Nash came out. Hall had a wheel barrel with him. Hogan asks the fans about how they liked what he did to the Rock. He says it’s too damn bad and he’s sure Rock didn’t like it neither. The Rock’s injury is more severe than the report released by the WWF. Hogan said that he got a little carried away last week, but it felt good to hurt the Rock. Hogan said the Rock will be here tonight, and when he gets here, he is going face to face with him. He tells him not to worry, he won’t finish off, he will wait for that until WrestleMania. Watcha gonna do brother when Hulkamania runs wild on you! Nash said “Hey excuse me!” to the crowd. Nash said that we are looking at the three biggest stars in the history of wrestling. The nWo expects to be treated like it. Hall said that last week, Steve Austin went too far. He said that Austin tried to kill him with a pickup truck. Hall basically goes over what Austin did to him. Nobody has a beer party at Scott Hall’s expense. He says, nobody humiliates Scott Hall. He says that he’s not an animal, and he’s a man, he’s all man. He says the question is, “Are you a man Stone Cold?” Scott Hall challenges Steve Austin to a match at WrestleMania. Hall then says he wouldn’t fight Austin until WM, taht will be their little deal. Scott Hall then says that Steve Austin is screwed! After the interview, they all head backstage and Scott Hall brings back the wheel barrel with him. It has a black cover on it, so we don’t know what’s in it yet.


Highlights of Fear Factor were shown. Which by the way, Matt Hardy won.

Match #1
Tag Team Titles
Hardy Boyz w/Lita vs Chuck & Billy

Chuck squares off against Jeff. Jaw breaker by Jeff and then he makes the tag. Hardyz double team Chuck. Billy gets in and clotheslines Matt. Chuck beats on Matt in the corner. Round house punch by Chuck. Matt fights back and drops Chuck and both men are down. Chuck tags Billy and Matt tags Jeff. Clothesline by Jeff on Billy. All four men are fighting at the same time. DDT by Matt on Billy. Jeff was going for the swanton, but Chuck punches him off. Lita goes on the top rope and does the Litacanrana. Matt does the Twist of Fate, Jeff does the Swanton Bomb, then the referee pushes Matt because he’s not the legal man, then Chuck came in and did the superkick on Jeff and Billy got the win.

Winners: Still WWF Tag Team Champion, Billy & Chuck

A limo pulls up in the parking lot. Chris Jericho and Stephanie came out of the limo. Jericho had a video tape in his hands. Stephanie compliments Jericho and Jericho compliments Stephanie about her hair. Jericho gives the tape to the limo driver and tells him to give it to the production truck, because they got a surprise for HHH.


Michael Cole was standing in front of Austin’s locker room. Debra came out and Cole asks her about Hall’s comments and Debra tells Cole to ask Austin.

Arn Anderson was talking to Ric Flair on the phone. Then Christian came in and says he wants Flair, because he wants to quit, he can’t stand the fans booing him. DDP came in and told him that he doesn’t want to quit. DDP says that Christian is harboring a whole bunch of negative energy. DDP started giving him all those tips on thinking positive. He tells him to smile, then DDP says he will help him.

Cole gets a word with Austin. He asked Austin about Hall’s challenge. A bunch of Whats… Austin says does it look like he wants to stop fighting Hall until WrestleMania? He says that Hall is a jackass. Austin accepts Hall’s challenge for WM. Austin says that he’s the last SOB that Scott Hall wants to mess with.


Match #2
#1 contendership for the IC Title
Rob Van Dam vs Lance Storm vs Big Show

William Regal was at ring side for that match. Storm gets the early advantage on RVD. Then Big Show comes in and clotheslines RVD. Boot to the face of Storm. Show covers, 1,2 but RVD breaks the count. Show delivers a huge chop to the chest of Storm and then does the same to RVD. They double drop kick Show, but it had no affect. Show does a double suplex on RVD and Storm. Headbutt on RVD. Storm got a chair, but Show hits him, then RVD does a drop kick on Show while he was holding the chair. Five Star Frog Splash by RVD on Show and he got the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Booker T is shown backstage reading some Japanese book. Test came in and complimented him. Booker T said that he will be in a commercial to advertise a shampoo in Japan.


Bradshaw came in the APA office and says he has some good news and bad news. Bad news is they aren’t facing anyone on RAW, but the good news is they got invited to the “Friendly Tap” bar. Free drinks.

Match #3
Booker T vs Rikishi

Booker T kicks Rikishi and pressures him into the corner and stomps on him. Rikishi whips Booker into the other turnbuckle and squashes him. Booker T kicks Rikishi, and takes control again. Rikishi fought back and clotheslined him. Belly to belly drop by Rikishi. Rikishi was going to squash Booker in the corner, but he moved. Scissors kick by Booker T, then Booker went for a kick and Rikishi moved and hit him. Booker T landed sitting down in the corner, positioned for the stinky face, then Booker dragged the referee in the way, and he got up and kicked Rikishi and got the 1,2,3.

Winner: Booker T

Highlights of Steph and Jericho from Smackdown were shown.


They show Mark Henry winning the Strong man competition.

Jericho/Stephanie Segment

Jericho compliments Stephanie and calls her a certified genius. Jericho then asks the WWF team to roll the surprise footage. It was from last year, when HHH got injured and when Jericho had the Walls of Jericho on him. Jericho takes credit for HHH’s injury. He talks about HHH not paying attention to his own wife… Then Stephanie says that in the bedroom, the game always came up a little bit “short”.

HHH music hits and he came out. HHH says that maybe the game wasn’t short, maybe it was the field he was playing on..was too damn big. He said a 747 looks small when flying through the grand kanyon. Then HHH says that Jericho wants to prove how good he is. He asks Jericho to prove it tonight. HHH challenges Jericho for tonight.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes out. Angle says did he interrupt something? Kurt says HHH doesn’t make decisions around here, it’s Mr. McMahon. Kurt says that since he was robbed from his WM title shot last week. Mr. McMahon made a match between Kurt Angle and Jericho for the WWF title tonight. Then HHH attacks Jericho and sends him to the outside.


Coach interviews Mr. Perfect and asks him about Austin. Mr. Perfect tells Coach that no one wants to hear his imperfect voice and he should do the talking. Mr. Perfect said Austin is looking for a Perfect ass kicking tonight…

Match #4
WWF Women’s Title
Jazz vs Molly

Jazz knocks Molly to the outside. She brings her back in and beats on her. Then she rips Molly’s cape. Jazz picks her up and drops her, 1,2 but Molly kicked out. Spinning kick by Jazz. Jazz dominates the entire match. Small package by Molly, 1,2 but Jazz kicked out. Another roll up, 1,2 but Jazz kicked out again. Slingshot by Molly. Molly goes on the top rope, jumps, but Jazz moved out of the way. Jazz does the brain buster and gets the win. After the match, Jazz applies the STF submission hold on Molly, followed by the DDT.

Winner: Still WWF Women’s champion, Jazz


WWF officials were still helping Molly. Then, Undertaker’s music hits and he comes out. On his way down to the ring, he knocks down Arn Anderson (who was one of the WWF officials). Undertaker busts him open and beats on him in the ring. Undertaker says that he knows this is Flair’s best friend and it’s the only way he can get Flair to accept the challenge. Undertaker delivers the boot to the face of Arn and leaves.


Match #5
WWF Title
Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho w/Steph

Kurt stomps on Jericho. German suplex by Angle, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Kurt beats on Jericho in the corner. Belly to back suplex by Angle. Jericho throws Angle to the outside. Jericho takes some padding off the security rails and throws Angle. Back in the ring and Jericho is in control. Jericho chokes Angle in the corner. Jericho delivers a couple of slaps to the chest of Angle. Small package by Kurt, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Jericho fought back and went on the top rope. But Kurt ran and suplexed him off, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out again. Both men exchange fists, then Angle does a German suplex, and another. Angle was going for the Angle Slam, but Jericho gets out and does the Walls of Jericho. Angle reaches the ropes. Jericho went to the outside and got his belts and through them in the ring and the ring bell too. Angle grabs the belt and nails Jericho with it and the referee didn’t see it, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Angle does the ankle lock, but Jericho manages to get out. Jericho knocks Angle to the outside. Kane comes and throws him back in and Jericho takes down Angle face first and gets the win. After the match, Kane beat sup Kurt Angle.

Winner: Still WWF Champion, Chris Jericho

Backstage, we see Hogan going into the Rock’s locker room.


Highlights of what the nWo did to the Rock last week on RAW were shown.

Hulk Hogan was shown in Rock’s locker room talking to a lifesize cardboard cut out of the Rock. He goes over what he did to him. He says in 20 years from now, no one will remember the Rock’s name. At the end, Hogan hits the cardboard with his belt.

The APA were shown at the Friendly Tap. They went in and started drinking beer. Faarooq saw men dancing with each other. It was a gays night out or something and the APA were stunned. A gay guy asks Bradshaw to dance and Bradshaw couldn’t believe that the guy asked him that. Then Billy and Chuck attacked the APA from behind. The invitation to the bar was all a setup.


Match #6
Mr. Perfect vs Steve Austin

They lock up, and referee breaks it up. Waist lock by Perfect and it was broken up. Mr. Perfect knocks down Austin. Side head lock by Perfect and takes down Austin. Both men exchange slaps to the chest. Spine buster by Austin. Clothesline by Austin, 1,2 but Hennig kicked out. Elbow take down by Hennig. Mr. Perfect puts Austin in the corner and stomps on him, then Austin fought back. Austin delivers a few right hands. At the end, Austin does the stunner and gets the win. Scott Hall came down with the wheel barrel and the fight broke. Nash and Hogan also came out and all three men assaulted Austin. Hogan and Nash held Austin and Scott Hall hit Austin with a cinder block on his knee.

Winner: Steve Austin


WWF RAW Results (February 4, 2002)

RAW starts with highlights of last week’s Smackdown (The Flair/Vince segment).

Backstage, Michael Cole interviews Ric Flair. Cole asked him if he had any second thoughts about ripping the contract. Flair said he stands by his decision. Cole said that the nWo will be in the WWF. Flair said that would be a huge problem..and the RAW promo just started.

Match #1
Triple H vs Booker T

HHH came out and said that Kurt Angle tried to break his ankle on Smackdown. HHH said that Angle made two big mistakes. Number one, he didn’t get the job one, and number two, he screwed with the wrong guy. HHH calls him out.

Booker T’s music hits and he came out. Booker T says HHH is so full of rage and so is Booker T. He says HHH is a loser and Booker T is a winner. Booker T said that he kicked his ass on national TV last week and he will do it again. Both men started fighting on the entrance ramp. Then, HHH sent Booker T into the steel steps, then the ring post and tosses him in the ring. The match officially starts.

HHH hammers away on Booker T. The referee tried to stop him, then HHH got in his face. This allowed Booker T to get up and kick HHH. Booker T nails HHH with the elbow, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Spinebuster by HHH, then HHH takes Booker T down by the throat. HHH attempts to go for the pedigree, but Booker T got out, then Booker T was going for the axe kick, but HHH moved out of the way and HHH managed to hit the pedigree, 1,2 but Kurt Angle came out and beat on HHH and delivered the Olympic Slam.

Winner: by disqualification, Triple H


HHH was looking for Kurt Angle.

Torrie Wilson confronts Stacy and asks her lipstick. (The women of the WWF were in the locker room)… and Chuck and Billy came in. They had a poster with them posing on it. Stacy said that her and Torrie can do better poses than them..any day. Chuck issues a challenge to both ladies, this Thursday on Smackdown.

HHH is still looking for Angle. HHH arrived to Angle’s locker room and there were two security guards. Angle opens the door and said he got some good news, he said that Vince McMahon made a match between him and HHH at No Way Out. Kurt Angle said that HHH’s title shot for WrestleMania is on the line too.


Match #2
Rob Van Dam vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley

Devon pulls RVD by the hair. This allowed Buh Buh to attack him and take the early advantage. RVD fights back with a rolling thunder. Stacy gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Devon tries to help Buh Buh, but the referee saw him on the top rope and told him to go backstage and to take Stacy with him too. Buh Buh does the Buh Buh bomb. Neck breaker by Buh Buh on RVD, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Suplex by Buh Buh, followed by an elbow drop. Buh Buh goes on the top rope, but RVD kicked him and wen ton the top, but Buh Buh shoved him down and jumped, but RVD moved out of the way. RVD went on the top rope and did the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

After the match, Goldust’s music hits and he was shown on the Titon Tron and said that RVD was the man that he was after. While RVD was looking at the Titon Tron, Goldust came from behind and attacked RVD in the ring. Goldust does the shattered dreams on RVD, followed by a neck breaker.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


HHH was talking to Stephanie backstage. HHH said that he kicked Angle’s ass before and he’ll do it again. Stephanie was smiling and HHH asked her why she was smiling. Stephanie said that she has a big surprise and he will have to wait and see because she will reveal the surprise tonight.

Cole talks to the Undertaker and asked him about his reaction to the Rock bottom he took on Smackdown. Undertaker started yelling and told him who the hell does he think he is asking about reaction. Undertaker says he feels like he’s been disrespected. Undertaker said he will take the Rock tonight and teach him the word respect. Then he will teach Austin respect.

Jericho comes in the interview and says he respects everything Undertaker has done. Jericho said that Undertaker won’t be wrestling a handicap match tonight, because Undertaker will be teaming up with Jericho.


Match #3
WWF Tag Team Titles
3-way Tag Team Elimination Match
Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn vs APA vs Tazz & Spike

Chuck starts off against Tazz. Chuck delivers a couple of punches., then Tazz clotheslines him. Tazz makes the tag to Spike. Spike was going for a Dudley Dog, but Chuck threw him. Billy Gunn gets the tag. Gunn stomps away on Spike. Blackjack by Gunn, 1,2 but Spike kicked out. Chuck gets the tag and they double team Spike. Round house punch by Chuck, 1,2 but Spike kicked out again. Spike kicks Chuck and does a tornado DDT and both men are down. Chuck tags Gunn amd Spike tags Faarooq. Faarooq does a powerslam on Billy. Bradshaw came in and they beat on CHuck and Billy. Powerbomb by Bradshaw on Chuck, then Gunn does the famasser on Bradshaw and got the 1,2,3, the APA are eliminated. A few seconds after, Bradshaw while on the outside, tripped Billy Gunn who was in the ring and this allowed Spike to do the Dudley Dog on Gunn and to get the 1,2,3.

Winners: Still WWF Tag Team Champions, Tazz & Spike


Vince McMahon Segment

No Chance in Hell music hits and Vince McMahon came out. Vince said that last Thursday, Ric Flair was suppose to do the right thing and sell him his stock, but the lying SOB changed his mind, in McMahon’s exact words. (They show a small clips of last week’s Smackdown). Vince McMahon calls out Flair and demands an explanation.

Ric Flair’s music hits and he came out. Vince said that last week Flair was crying because he was going to hang it up and do the right thing, but then he changed his mind. Vince said that Flair is a liar and he lied to himself. Vince says the real reason Flair didn’t sell his stock is because Ric Flair is selfish. Vince tells him to admit the real reason. Flair says no. Vince demands Flair to tell him why he changed his mind. Ric Flair said that the fans were the reason. Vince then reveals the nWo members, which are Hogan, Hall and Nash (their picture was shown on the Titon Tron).


Pat Patterson and Brisco were talking about the nWo and then they ask Arn ANderson about the nWo and Arn said he knows the nWo and they are poison and he said Flair made the wrong decision.

Match #4
Intercontinental Title
Rikishi vs William Regal

The referee searches William Regal for brass knuckles, but he didn’t find any. The match starts with Rikishi throwing punches, then he knocks him down. Rikishi puts Regal in the corner and beats on him. Regal fought back and kicked Rikishi and pressured him in the corner and delivered several punches. Regal puts some kind of crossface hold on him, then he releases the hold. Regal does a European uppercut. Regal applies another submission hold, but Rikishi managed to get out of it. Super kick by Rikishi. Rikishi jumps and sits on Regal. Then, Rikishi drags Regal in the corner and Rikishi goes for the bonzai drop, but Regal moved out of the way. Regal was taking out the brass knuckles and Edge came out and beat on him. The referee signals for a disqualification. WWF officials came out to break the fight. Then Rikishi did the stinky face on Regal.

Winner: by DQ, Still IC champion, William Regal


DDP was shown at WWF New York.

Jonathan Coachman interviews The Rock. The Coach asked him about his big announcement. The Rock said his announcement does not concern Hogan, Hall or Nash. It concerns the Undertaker. In the interview, The Rock basically challenges The Undertaker for a match at No Way Out. Then, Rock sings “Viva Rock Vegas”.


Stephanie’s Surprise Announcement

Stephanie came out and called HHH in the ring because it’s time for her surprise. HHH came out and Stephanie had a smile on her face and was so happy. Steph said she had an epiphany on her interview with Jim Ross on Smackdown. She says it seems that they are fighting, but there is one thing they can do to prove us wrong. She wants to renew their vows. HHH said it’s the stupidest idea he has ever heard. He said why does everything have to be on live TV? Why does their dirty laundry have to be aired on live TV? Why is that? HHH asked. Steph said it’s because of the fans. She said that the fans thinks she’s a failure. She said the fans think their marriage is fading. HHH wants to get that straight.. he said on RAW, in front of the world, she wants him to renew their wedding vows? She said yes. HHH said NO! Steph said that he can’t say no, he has to do it for her. HHH started yelling at her, why? He said everything is about her! is that why? Stephanie started crying and said she was pregnant. Steph said that’s why she’s been so annoying as of late and she continued crying. She said they will have a family and that’s why they need to renew their vows. HHH was standing in disbelief. HHH looks at her and picks her up and smiles and he was so happy.


Match #5
WWF Women’s Title
Trish Stratus vs Jazz

Jazz takes the early advantage. Trish tried to fight back by going on the top rope, she jumped but Jazz moved out of the way. Back body drop by Jazz, 1,2 but Trish kicked out. Body slam by Jazz, followed by a leg drop, 1,2 but Trish kicked out again. Jazz applies the half crab submission hold, then turns it into the STF submission hold, but Trish reached the rope. Trish kicked Jazz and fights back. She was going for a bulldog, but Jazz does a back suplex. Then, Jazz does a brain buster and gets the win.

Winner: New WWF Women’s Champion, Jazz


Match #6
Tag Team Match
The Rock & Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho & Undertaker

The fight starts on the outside. Rock and Undertaker, Austin and Jericho. Austin sends Jericho in the ring. Austin delivers a few hits, followed by several chops to the chest of Jericho. Spinebuster by Austin. Clothesline by Austin, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Rock gets the tag and throws Jericho to the outside. Rock was calling in the Undertaker, but Jericho went in and clotheslined the Rock from behind. Undertaker got the tag and beat on the Rock, but the Rock fought back. Austin got the tag and he hammers away on Undertaker. Austin took down Undertaker and dropped the elbow. Undertaker fought back with a boot to the face of Steve Austin. Jericho got the tag and puts Austin in the corner and beat on him, then Austin reverses it and puts Jericho in the corner. Then, Jericho applies the sleeper hold, but Austin got out. Austin was going to tag The Rock, but Undertaker hit Austin to make sure he didn’t get the tag. Undertaker threw Austin to the outside and sent him into the steel steps. Rock went out and helped Austin. Austin is in the ring, then Jericho does an inside cradle, 1,2 but Austin kicked out. Then, Austin was charging at Jericho, and Jericho moved out of the way, which resulted in Austin going into the steel post. Austin applies the Walls of Jericho on Chris Jericho, then Undertaker interrupted the hold. Undertaker took down Austin and applied pressure to his head. Both men are up, and then they do a double clothesline. Austin tags Rock and Undertaker tags Jericho. Rock takes down Jericho. DDT by Rock. Then Rock goes after Undertaker and sends him to the outside. Sharpshooter by Rock on Jericho, but Undertaker interrupted the hold. All four men end up fighting on the outside once again. Back in the ring, it’s Rock and Jericho. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho on Rock, then Austin comes in and does the stunner on Jericho. Rock covers, 1,2 but Undertaker pulls out the referee. Austin and Undertaker are fighting on the outside. In the ring, Rock does the Rock bottom and covers, but there is no referee. Undertaker grabs a pipe and nails the Rock with it. Undertaker throws the referee in the ring and Jericho covers for the 1,2,3 while Undertaker resumed his brawl with Austin.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Undertaker


WWF RAW Results (January 28, 2002)

Match #1
Kane vs Big Show

Show punches Kane and the fight is on. Show beats on Kane. Clothesline by Show. Show drops the elbow, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Side walk slam by Show, 1,2 but Kane kicked out again. Sleeper hold by Show. Kane fought back, but that wasn’t enough to take down the big man. Finally, Kane slammed the Big Show. Kane goes on the top rope, jumps, but Show caught Kane with a chokeslam, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Show attempted to drop the elbow, but Kane moved out of the way. Kane chokeslammed Show and got the win.

Winner: Kane

Ric Flair is talking on his cell phone backstage. The APA came in and Faarooq said what is Vince talking about with the nWo. Bradshaw says that if they are who he thinks the nWo are they’re nothing but egomaniacs, ass kissers…


Goldust cuts his usual promo, where you barely understand what he’s saying, which is still funny. :) Goldust talks about this certain wrestler that is loved by the fans and he says that the wrestler doesn’t know what he will get into.

They show highlights of the Royal Rumble…when Maven eliminated the Undertaker and how the Undertaker reacted.

Michael Cole interviews Chris Jericho. Cole asks him if it was him who granted Maven his title shot. Jericho said it’s him, he said he’s fighting champion. He said when people talk about the Rumble, they never talk about the big win he had over The Rock, they talk about Maven and how he wasn’t really eliminated. He said he wanted to give him his shot tonight. He is going to give him an undisputed beating from the undisputed champion.


Match #2
Intercontinental Title
Rob Van Dam vs William Regal

Referee, Teddy Long searched Regal for Brass knuckles. RVD attacks Regal and the match is on. The fight is on the outside, RVD delivers a few hits throws him back in and they go back out.. then back in. RVD tries several pinning combinations on Regal but Regal kicked out. Rolling thunder by RVD, 1,2 but again, Regal kicked out. Regal low blowed RVD and the referee calls for the bell.

After the match, Regal knocked down the referee, grabs his belt and leaves. RVD went after him and dragged him back in. The Dudley Boyz came out and assaulted RVD. Them, Edge came out and speared Bubba and tossed D-Von to the outside. RVD goes on the top rope and does a cross body on Bubba. Regal grabbed his brass knuckles, and punches Edge in mid air, while Edge was jumping from the top rope. RVD came in and nailed Regal, then the Dudleyz came back in and did the 3D on RVD.

Winner: by DQ, Rob Van Dam


Stephanie enters Ric Flair’s office. She asks him who the hell does he think he is, by booking HHH into a match against RVD. She said her husband got a lot of stuff on his mind, like his WWF title shot. Ric Flair said Vince McMahon was the one who booked the match not him. He said if she wants to talk to him, for her to get in line, because he wants to talk to him first about the nWo.

Match #3
Godfather w/hoes & DDP vs Lance Storm & Christian

Godfather welcomes us to his escort service. Service, class with a lot of fine ass. There is no HOOOOO doubt about it. Then he asks DDP if he used his escort service last night, and was he completely satisfied. DDP said that it’s not a bad thing.. it’s a good thing.

Godfather starts off against Storm. Godfather knocks him down, followed by a slam and then he drops the elbow. Godfather was bouncing off the ropes and Christian pulls down the ropes and he goes to the outside. Back in the ring, Storm makes the tag to Christian. Christian beats on the Godfather in the corner. Storm gets the tag back, and they double suplex Godfather. Storm covers, 1,2 but Godfather kicked out. Christian gets the tag and does a Russian leg sweep, 1,2 but Godfather kicked out. Christian ran to hit Godfather, but he moved out of the way and Christian goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. DDP gets the tag. DDP delivers a few hits, then Godfather helped him out. Godfather does the ho train on Christian. DDP hits the diamond cutter on Storm and gets the win.

Winners: Godfather & DDP

A limo pulls up and Vince gets out. The limo driver apologizes for bringing him late.


Ric Flair/Vince McMahon Interview

Ric Flair comes out. Flair says that he loves Richmond, Virginia.. a lot of tradition and a lot of memories. A great part of his life in wrestling had been lived in this city. He said he walked out of the Rumble as the winner over Vince McMahon. He said at Smackdown Vince had a bad day, but not bad enough to bring the nWo. Flair tells them to show how the WWF really was/is. A nice tribute video was shown. VERY NICE video shown. Highlights throughout WWF since its existence.

Vince McMahon came out. Ric Flair said this is Vince’s company, he build it, and people want to love him for that. Flair said that if he did something wrong over the past 3 months, to a point for him to bring the nWo, he’s sorry. Flair apologizes. Flair asks Vince what he wants him to do. Flair tells him what he can possibly be thinking of bringing the nWo. “Tell me what I can do to heal it?” Flair said. Vince grabbed the microphone. He said he wants his full company back and wants Flair out. He wants Ric to sell his stock for the price he paid for it. If not, then the nWo will be brought in. Vince says it’s in Flair’s hands… Vince said it will destroy the fan interest, careers and the WWF, if he doesn’t sell his stock. He gives Ric Flair a couple of days to think about it and to give his answer.


Nidia was at WWF New York and she says that she is so excited about Maven getting a title shot.

Match #4
Undisputed Title
Chris Jericho vs Maven

Maven attacks Jericho. Clothesline by Maven, followed by a drop kick. The fight goes to the outside. Jericho fought back and picked him up and dropped him on the rails. Back in the ring. Jericho is in control. Jericho sends Maven, shoulder first into the ring post. Jericho takes off the padding from the top turn buckle. Clothesline by Jericho and drops the elbow. Jericho tried to go for the walls of Jericho, but Maven powers his way out. Maven does the slingshot on Jericho and Jericho’s head hits the exposed turnbuckle, Maven rolls up, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Inside cradle, 1,2 and again Jericho kicked out. Jericho manages to get the walls of Jericho on Maven and gets the win.

After the match, the Undertaker came out. Undertaker puts on a pair of gloves and he pressures Maven in the corner and hits him. Maven fought back and that angered the Undertaker. And of course you guessed it. Deja vu… Undertaker beats the crap out of him. All that was happening while Jericho was sitting at ring side doing color commentary with JR and Lawler.

Winner: Still Undisputed champion, Chris Jericho


The Coach interviews Undertaker backstage about what he did. Undertaker asks him if those were his teeth. Coach said yes. The Undertaker says if he mentions Maven one more time, he will wear his teeth as a neck less. Undertaker was pissed off at the Rock because Rock told the world that Maven was the one who eliminated him. Undertaker said what happened to Rock last week, will keep happening until he keeps his mouth shut.

Jazz knocks on the locker room of Billy and Chuck and all we heard were weird “sex” noises. She opens and Billy had Palumbo’s leg and was stretching him to get him ready for their match. So they exchange a few stretches…

Stephanie walks in HHH’s dressing room. Steph tells him that it was Vince who made the match against Booker T, because HHH called him an asshole. HHH said he called Vince that, because he is one. HHH said he will kick Booker T’s ass.


Match #5
Six Person inter gender match
Trish & APA vs Jazz, Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn

Trish starts off against Jazz. They lock up, then Jazz slapped her. Take down by Jazz. Trish flips her over and drop kicks her to the outside. Back in the ring, Jazz was in control, but then Trish does an inside cradle, then Palumbo broke up the count. Bradshaw and Chuck get the tag. Bradshaw beats on him, then Billy gets the tag and drop kicks him. Palumbo gets the tag back and stomps on Bradshaw in the corner. Bradshaw fought back with a suplex. Faarooq gets the tag. Chuck got the tag, but Faarooq did a spine buster. All 6 of them started fighting. Trish went on the second rope and was beating on Chuck, then Chuck picked her up and dropped her for the powerbomb and got the win.

Winners: Jazz, Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn


Michael Cole interviews Kurt Angle. Cole said that Austin might take his frustrations on him tonight. Angle says that it’s exactly what he wants. Because Austin will get so pissed tonight, that he will end up getting himself disqualified.


Match #6
Booker T vs Triple H

Both men get face to face. Then they lock up, then HHH puts a head lock, but Booker powers his way out of it and reverses it into an arm twist. HHH takes down Booker T and punches him. Clothesline by HHH. HHH puts Booker in the corner and delivers six punches before Booker T pushed him off. Booker knocks down HHH and delivers a few hits. FLying take down by Booker T, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Spine buster by HHH. HHH delivers a few right hands, then HHH gives him the high knee and Booker T is down. HHH clotheslines Booker T to the outside. HHH clotheslines him andsends him back in. HHH was getting back in, and Christian came out and attacked HHH and sent him in the ring, while the referee was seeing if Booker T was okay. Booker T covers, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Booker T misses the scissors kick. HHH does the face buster. Christian gets up on the apron and Stephanie came out and slapped him. Christian grabbed her by the ahir, then HHH hit Christian, then Booker T rolled up HHH for the three count. After the match, Stephanie kept apologizing.

Winner: Booker T


During the break, Stephanie kept apologizing and HHH went in his room and slammed the door. Steph said she loved him, then he opened the door and handed her, her luggage and closed the door. She went nuts.

Match #7
Winner goes to No Way Out to face the champion.
Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle

The fight is on. Powerslam by Austin, 1,2 but Kurt Angle kicked out. Austin jumps on Kurt and beats on him. Austin drops the elbow, 1,2 but Kurt Angle kicked out again. Angle fought back. Austin is in the corner and Kurt Angle delivered some hits. Clothesline by Kurt Angle, 1,2 but Austin kicked out. Austin fought back with a huge spine buster, 1,2 but Kurt Angle kicked out. Kurt Angle delivers three German suplexes on Austin. Austin hits Angle and puts him on the top rope and delivered some chops to the chest of Austin. Austin goes up and does the superplex, 1,2 but Kurt Angle kicked out again. Kurt Angle goes out, and Austin followed him up the ramp and beat on him and dragged him back into the ring. Angle tried to leave again, but Austin was send face first into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Angle was running to tackle Austin, but Austin moved out of the way and Kurt Angle went shoulder first into the ring post. Austin puts Angle in the corner and delivered a few kicks. Kurt Angle low blowed Austin. Angle went to the outside and got a chair. Austin took the chair and he was going to swing, and Angle told him to do it, because he wants to win by DQ. Austin dropped the chair and beat on Kurt Angle. Angle shoved Austin into the referee. Angle delivers several chair shots on Austin. Kurt Angle covers, 1,2 but Austin kicked out. Angle tried again and Austin kicked out. Ankle lock on Austin, but Austin grabbed the ropes. Kurt dragged him back and applies it again, then Austin gets to the ropes again. Olympic Slam, 1,2, but Austin puts his foot on the rope. Angle thought he won the match and started celebrating, but the referee told him he didn’t, and he started arguing with him. Angle turns around and stunner!, 1,2,3 and Austin gets the win. After the match, Jericho came out and Austin stuns him too.

Winner: Steve Austin


WWF RAW Results (January 21, 2002)

A promo is shown about Martin Luther King Day.

The WWF opening promo hits. Highlights are shown of previous Royal Rumble�s in the past. They show numerous highlights leading up to this years Royal Rumble and Triple H winning it.

The RAW promo hits. The pyro goes off in the BI-LO Center in Greenville to begin the show!

They show it�s going to be The Rock & Triple H vs. Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle in the Main Event.

6-Man Tag Team Match
Rob Van Dam, Tazz, & Spike vs. Booker T & Dudley Boyz w/ Stacy Keibler
Bell rings and Booker T and RVD start. Booker and RVD exchange left and rights. Booker T sends RVD into ropes, misses clothesline but hits elbow to chest. Booker works on RVD on the ground. Booker hits a few kicks to RVD but RVD counters after another and hits a sidekick of his own. RVD misses a side kick and RVD counters with one of his own and hits a modified moonsault on the ground for a 2 count. RVD tags in Tazz and Tazz takes down Booker. Bubba interferes and pulls Tazz�s head down on the ropes. D-Von gets tagged in and he works on Tazz. D-Von tags in Bubba. Bubba works on Tazz in a corner followed by a suplex. Bubba knocks Spike off the ring apron. Bubba hits a few elbows to the chest on Tazz and gets a 2 count after the pin. Bubba tags in Booker T. Booker hits the head scissors kick on Tazz and then decides not to do the Spinaroonie to the crowd. D-Von gets tagged in. D-Von works on Tazz in the corner. D-Von hits a leg drop and Tazz and gets a 2 count after the pin. D-Von throws Tazz to the outside. Bubba throws Tazz into steel steps on the outside. Bubba throws Tazz back in. Tazz hits a big belly to belly suplex on D-Von. Tazz crawls and tags in RVD. D-Von tags in Bubba. RVD hits many side kicks to Bubba before blocking a charge in the corner and hitting a modified cross body on Bubba off the turnbuckle and only gets a 2 count off the pin. RVD takes down both Booker T and D-Von. RVD goes off both ropes and tries a rolling thunder on Bubba but he misses. Bubba picks up RVD and hits a big neckbreaker. Bubba almost gets a 3 count but Spike breaks it up. RVD climbs the top rope but Booker knocks him off to the outside. Tazz hits a behind back suplex on Booker T. Tazz turns around and gets a 3-D. When D-Von hits the ring from the 3-D, RVD climbs the top rope and hits the 5 Star Splash on D-Von to get the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winners � Rob Van Dam, Tazz, & Spike

A shot of Chris Jericho�s door is shown. Jericho will speak next.


Interview Segment � Jericho, HHH, Kurt Angle, Rock
RAW comes back from commercial. The Y2J Countdown Clock begins. The pryo hits, Break The Walls Down! Chris Jericho appears making his way down the ramp with both Undisputed Championship�s in hand. Jericho gets the mic and begins to speak. He taunts the crowd by saying well, well, well. It�s 24 hours after the Royal Rumble and guess who is still the Undisputed Champion of the world�me! He says he tried to warn all of you. He tried to tell everyone that he wasn�t joke. He said what did you all do? He said you invited all your little friends over to watch the Royal Rumble. He said you called Frank and asked if you want to see The Rock kick Chris Jericho�s ass. He said everyone thought that The Rock was going to win. He said guess what happened, The Rock lost. He said that even if you don�t like that, you have to appreciate everything he has accomplished. He said you can�t ignore everything I have done. He said he has done what no one /* has done. He said he has beaten every WWF superstar and he deserves to be called the Undisputed Champion. He said there is good news and that is that he is a very forgiving man. He said even if you, the fans, never gave him a chance. He said he is going to give them the chance to get up and clap there dirty little hands. He said he demands you give the Undisputed Champion the ovation he deserves now. Time To Play The Game hits. Triple H makes his way down the entranceway water in hand. He gets into the ring continuing to stare down Jericho before clapping to him. Triple H grabs a mic and begins to speak. Triple H says isn�t it funny that no matter what he has done, whatever he has accomplished, he is the only one applauding him. He said how can you blame the people for not cheering you? Triple H says you have not beaten everyone. He said there is one man you have never defeated. And that one man is Triple H. Triple H says that there is one thing that is guaranteed and is because he won the Royal Rumble last night he will compete at WrestleMania for the Undisputed Championship. He said the big question is will Chris Jericho be there. He says can Chris Jericho make it to WrestleMania. Triple H says Jericho has two months to prove that him winning the Undisputed Championship is not a fluke. He has two months to prove he is a Living Legend. Because in two months it will be WrestleMania and if Jericho can make it there, unfortunately it will be time to play the game. The Olympic Theme hits and Kurt Angle comes out. Kurt Angle asks how Triple H can live with himself, fans say WHAT. Kurt Angle says he threw Triple H over the top rope, WHAT. Apparently, Triple H found a way to not touch the ground, WHAT. Kurt said Triple H attacked him from behind by doing his weird pose. He said if Triple H was a man he would have faced him man to man. He said he isn�t going to wait any longer to kick his butt, he is going to do it now. Kurt Angle runs down but Triple H takes down both Jericho and Angle. Triple H tries to hit the Pedigree on Angle but Jericho takes down Triple H with the Undisputed Title. Jericho and Angle work on Triple H by doing an Angle Slam followed by the Walls of Jericho. The Rock�s music hits and he runs down. Rock takes it to Angle and knocks him over the top rope. Jericho gets out of the way and avoids Rock. Jericho and Angle taunt at Rock on the ramp.


WWF SLAM OF THE WEEK: Edge/William Regal match last night at the Royal Rumble. William Regal becomes the NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion.

WWF Intercontinental Championship
William Regal � vs. Edge
Match starts with Edge attacking Regal right away on the outside. Edge his Regal�s face off the announcer�s booth a few times. Edge throws Regal over the guard rail. Edge suplexs him back into the ring area. Edge throws Regal back into the ring and the bell rings to start the match. Edge climbs the top rope and hits a missile drop kick on Regal but only gets a 2 count for the pin. Edge hits a back suplex on Regal and goes for another pin but gets a 2 count. Edge goes to outside with Regal but Regal grabs Edge and throws him into the ring post. Regal throws Edge into the ropes. Regal throws Edge back into the ring. Regal takes Edge down from behind with an elbow. Regal pins Edge but gets a 2 count. Edge hits a few elbows to the gut. Regal counters with a running knee to the face. Regal goes for the pin again but gets a 2 count. Regal uses the double arm submission hold on Edge with Edge�s arms. Edge gets up and hits an elbow to the face on Regal followed by a cross body only for a 2 count. Regal takes down Edge and hits a few punches to the back of the head followed by slapping on a submission hold to Edge�s face. Regal hooks the arms of Edge but Edge charges Regal into the corner. Edge hits a big back body drop on Regal followed by a spinning heel kick. Edge goes for the pin but gets a 2 count. Regal goes for a clothesline but Edge ducks and hits the Edge-O-Matic. Edge goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Edge climbs the top rope but Regal puts on the brass knucks. Edge connects with the spinning heel kick from the top rope. Regal drops the brass knucks and Edge picks them up and uses them on Regal. Edge goes for the pin but just as referee counts the 2, he sees the brass knucks on Edge and the referee rules it a DQ. Edge knocks out the referee with the brass knucks. Another referee runs out and Edge spears him. Another comes and Edge knocks him out with the brass knucks. Another and final ref comes out and he takes him down with a spear.

Winner by DQ and STILL WWF Intercontinental Champion � William Regal

Edge stares down the carnage he left in the ring at the top of the entranceway.


Upcoming WWF Live Events are shown.

Highlights are shown of Edge taking out William Regal with the brass knucks and then being DQ by the referee. They then show Edge taking out all the referee�s coming down.

Edge is shown backstage being escorted out of the arena by security.

Kane is shown backstage when the Big Show walks up. Big Show tells Kane to hold on. He says he came by to tell him what Kane did to him at the Royal Rumble was something that never happened when he bodyslammed him over the top rope. Show says next time it will be a different story. Billy and Chuck walk in and says they finally found Kane. They said they noticed Kane likes red and that obviously they like red too. Chuck takes out a KANE red head band and tries to give it to him. Kane stops Chuck from doing it. Billy gets in Kane�s face. He asks if he knows who just the hell he his. Chuck then charges Kane into the steel door and Billy helps to attack Kane.

Debra is shown backstage. Mr. Perfect comes up to her. He asks why her husband Steve Austin decided to hit him with a steel chair and cost him a match at WrestleMania last night at the Royal Rumble. Mr. Perfect says Austin might be the toughest SOB in the WWF but he isn�t perfect.

Ric Flair is then shown making his way to the arena.


Interview Segment � Ric Flair and Vince McMahon
WOOOOOOOOOO. Ric Flair�s music hits and he makes his way down the ramp to the ring. Flair gets a mic and begins to speak. Flair says as he walked through the parking lot and into the BI-LO Center today and someone said this is Flair country. He said he turned around and went WOOOOOOOOOO. He said for 25 years of his life he wrestled night in and night out. For 25 years he bled, he sweat, and he paid the price, wooo, of a wrestling life time. And he left his family behind because he had one goal. His goal was to become one of the greatest world champions of all time. He said it�s hard to be with his kids when he has to be in Dallas, Texas or Tokyo, Japan to wrestle. He said the fans became his family. He said the fans knew him more then his own family. He said his new goal is to have his children look past him as a world champion and a legend and look at him as a good man. He said McMahon made him change his saying when he use to say to be the man you have to beat the man. But now it is to be the man you have to beat Vince McMahon. He thanks the fans for following him. He said Vince McMahon tried to destroy his family last night. He said his daughter took great pictures from the Rumble and he showed two on the TitanTron. One of the pictures was of Flair entering and the other was of a bloody Vince. No Chance In Hell hits as Vince McMahon comes out. Vince stares down Flair before getting a mic. Flair takes off his jacket. Vince says some people thought he lost at the Royal Rumble. He said Flair lost too. Vince says every WWF superstar lost at the Royal Rumble. Vince says every WWF fan lost at the Royal Rumble. Vince smiles and says he is about to do something even he will regret. Vince says you will see, you will see. Vince smiles at Flair as the music hits.


Hello Ladies hits and Val Venis comes down to the ring. Val grabs the mic and does his usual hello ladies routine. He said tonight he will make one ladies night come true. Because tonight one lucky lady in the arena is going to come into this ring and remove his towel. Val looks at the crowd and picks a girl from the crowd. The girl gets into the ring and smiles at Val. Val says he doesn�t want to know what her name is since he doesn�t want to get to attached. The girl leans down and takes the towel off. Val grabs the girl and kisses her.

Val Venis vs. Mr. Perfect
Both men lock up but break it up. Both men try for behind maneuvers. Perfect locks an arm submission hold on Val. Perfect hits a few slaps to the chest in the corner to Val. Perfect puts Val on the ropes and hits a few more slaps. Val throws Perfect into both ropes while holding on and hits a few knees to the gut followed by a Russian Leg Sweep. Val goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Perfect takes down Val with a clothesline. Stone Cold Steve Austin�s music hits and Austin make his way down to the ring. Austin gets a steel chair and gets into the ring. Austin waits for Perfect to turn around and when Perfect does, Austin nails him over the head knocking him out cold.

Winner by DQ � Mr. Perfect

Val Venis gets on the mic and tells Austin that Perfect goes about things wrong. He says Perfect didn�t tell Austin his comments to his face. Val said he is not like Perfect. He said he would tell Austin his problem right to his face and not his pretty little wife. Val said if he did he would kick Austin�s ass. Austin turns around and then looks toward Val and takes him down with the Stunner. Austin says that he is going to tell the people a little story. He says the Beverley Hillbillies song but then tells them that is not the story. He said the real story is that he went to the Royal Rumble and trained hard. He said he ate tacos, drank beer, had cheeseburgers, he even did a couple of push ups, a few sit ups, then he said he didn�t. He said two sumbitches got lucky by throwing Austin over the top rope. Stone Cold Steve Austin isn�t going to WrestleMania to face the champ. He said that�s the bad news. He said the good news is even though it is a little early, he is entering himself into next years 2003 Royal Rumble. He said even though he might not be in the Main Event at WrestleMania he is still going to whip somebody�s ass. Austin said brothers and sisters are you with me? WHAT. Again Austin said brothers and sisters are you with me? WHAT. And that�s the bottom line �cuz Stone Cold said so. Austin grabs some beers and drinks them at the top of the entranceway.


A graphic is shown counting down to WrestleMania 18, 8 more weeks to go.

Tag Team Match
Billy & Chuck vs. Kane & Big Show
Billy and Chuck try to leave early but Big Show comes out. Kane and Big Show are in front and behind Billy and Chuck. Kane throws Chuck into the ring as the bell rings. Kane stand above Chuck and does his pryo from the turnbuckles. Kane tags in Big Show. Show headbutts Chuck. Chuck tags in Billy. Show bring in Billy over the top rope. Show tries for a bodyslam on Billy but Chuck goes for a superkick. Show blocks it and throws down Billy. Kane climbs top rope to take down Billy or Chuck but Big Show hits the ropes and Kane falls off. Billy hits the fameasser on Big Show and goes for the pin. Chuck holds the leg of Big Show on the outside allowing Billy to get the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winners � Billy & Chuck

The Rock is shown backstage. Triple H walks up. He says he wants to make one thing perfectly clear to you. He says they might be partners tonight but he doesn�t need Rock to save him. Rock imitates Triple H and asks why he is so mad. He says Triple H shouldn�t be mad because he is going to WrestleMania. The Rock says he didn�t come down to the ring to save Triple H. He came down there to take care of Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho. Triple H says he better be ready for the match tonight and he walks away.


WWF REWIND: Royal Rumble last night of Jazz vs. Trish for the WWF Women�s Title. Trish retains the belt.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discuss the Royal Rumble last night about what The Undertaker did to Maven last night. They show highlights of what happened when Maven eliminated The Undertaker in the Rumble and then Undertaker destroying Maven as a result.

They go to WWF NY and the APA is there. Bradshaw gets on the mic and discusses the return of The Godfather.

The Godfather is then shown getting his escorts ready to go to the ring.


The familiar music hits and The Godfather appears in the entranceway with his now�escorts. Godfather gets on the mic and says who would have thought that the Godfather would have gone legit. He says he has opened Godfather�s Professional Escort Service. He says just call 1-800-GODFATHER, we are in the yellow pages. He asks if anyone wants an escort and party with him. He says hit the music but Lance Storm�s music hits. Storm says asks if he can be serious for a moment. Storm says Godfather�s escort services is a legit as a donkey with three legs
and of course we all know donkeys have four legs. Storm said that ring is for serious business. Godfather says Storm will not get a chance at his escorts but he can escort his behind down to the ring. Lance Storm gets in and takes down Godfather with a big kick to the face. Storm climbs the top rope but Godfather hits the ropes and Storm falls down still holding onto the turnbuckle. Godfather backs up, runs, and connects with the Ho Train on Lance Storm.


Goldust appears on the screen. He said he waited so he could make a great comeback. He said was called back into the WWF. He says his dreams will be realized. They will not be shattered again. When the final curtain falls and the credits roll, they will remember the name�Goldust.

Stephanie is shown backstage saying how can Triple H team with The Rock and even confront him backstage after all the stuff he has said about her. Stephanie says Triple H should go in Rock�s locker room and kick his ass. Triple H says when are you going to realize that the whole world doesn�t revolve around what you want. Stephanie says Triple H changed since he came back. Triple H says why don�t you just shut up. Stephanie glares at Triple H as he leaves.


They mention streaming video of the Royal Rumble will be available on all week.

Tag Team Match
The Rock & Triple H vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho
Rock and Angle started out. Flying clothesline by Rock. Followed by a Samoan drop. Angle fights back and tags Jericho. Jericho hits the Rock, Rock got up and did a spear. Rock tags HHH. Clothesline by HHH. HHH throws Jericho over the top rope, but Jericho held on and went on the top rope, but HHH caught up and threw him off. Rock gets the tag back. Jericho beats on him. Spine buster by Rock. Rock goes for the people’s elbow, but Kurt Angle lowers the top rope and Rock goes to the outside. Angle beats on Rock on the outside and throws him back in. Jericho covers, 1,2 but Rock kicked out. Jericho continues the punishment. Angle gets the tag and delivers a few right hands. Rock fights back with a few hits too. Rock does the sharpshooter, but Jericho made the save. Angle got up and put the ankle lock on the Rock, but HHH made the save. Angle tags Jericho. DDT by Rock and both men are down. Rock makes the tag to HHH and Jericho tags Angle. HHH clotheslines Angle and takes down Jericho too. HHH fights against both men. Spine buster by HHH on Kurt Angle. HHH does a sling shot on Jericho and Jericho goes over the top rope to the outside. HHH is going for the pedigree, then Jericho goes on the top rope, then HHH pushes Angle and Jericho falls. HHH does the pedigree on Angle, 1,2 but Jericho breaks the count. Rock and Jericho get the tag. Rock hammers away on Jericho. Jericho fights back with a bulldog. Jericho goes on the outside and gets the ring bell and attempts to hit the Rock, but Rock ducks and he accidentally hits Kurt Angle. Rock does the Rock Bottom on Jericho and gets the win.

Winners � The Rock and Triple H

The Rock and Triple H get up on opposite turnbuckle and pose for the fans in attendance. RAW goes off the air�



WWF RAW Results (January 14, 2002)

Opening Segment

The Nature Boy Ric Flair came out. He says Dallas Whoooaaa Texas, what a wrestling history you have here. He says he will make history again. At the Royal Rumble he will wrestle Vince McMahon but in the past week, he was knocked out by Vince McMahon. Flair asks the WWF crew to show the highlights from last week’s RAW, when Vince was dressed up like him. Then they show Vince hitting him with a pipe. Then they showed Vince on Smackdown saying that he enjoys destroys lives, it turns him on. Ric Flair said he will take his power and abuse it a little. Ric Flair makes his match at the Royal Rumble a street fight and Flair guarantees a winner. Ric said that Vince said last week, “to be the man, you have to beat the man.” Flair starts dropping elbows everywhere in the ring and says why wait for the Rumble. He challenges Vince right here right now. But Chris Jericho’s music hits and he came out.

Jericho grabs the microphone from Flair. Jericho says did he disappoint us? Where they expecting someone /*? Jericho calls the fans jackoffs and says he’s the champion. That means that the entire WWF revolves around him. It means, the entire world revolves around him. And Ric Flair’s life revolves around Chris Jericho. Jericho says he knows why Flair is facing Vince at the Rumble. Jericho says Flair wants to see if he still got what it takes. Jericho tells Flair that he doesn’t have what it takes. Jericho says he knows himself that he got what it takes, because he’s got the style, the raw charisma. He tells the fans to call him the anti-Texan. He said there isn’t a stupid cowboy hat on his head. He says he doesn’t have ugly cowboy boots on his feet. He says he has nothing in common with Texas. Jericho tells Flair that Ric Flair has something in common with the President. They both got a lot of power… but Sunday at the Rumble, Flair will do the exact same thing the President did and he will choke.

Then Ric Flair sucker punches Jericho. Jericho fights back, then Flair low blows him twice and knocks him down. Flair applies the figure four on Chris Jericho. Vince McMahon comes out and hits Ric Flair with the pipe. Vince McMahon apologizes to the undisputed champion for Flair’s remarks. McMahon was going to kick Flair and Flair grabbed his leg and tripped him. Then Jericho hits Flair and hold him while Vince hit Flair with the pipe.


Christian and Storm were talking backstage and were happy about Jericho’s actions. Jericho walks in and they congratulate him on what he did. Bradshaw walks in and confronts Jericho about the comments he made on his home State. Bradshaw challenges all three men to a 6-man tag for later tonight. Bradshaw said he will get 2 other guys.

Match #1
Spike vs Bubba

Bubba starts beating on Spike and then whips him into the turnbuckle. Bubba was going for a gorilla plex slam, but Spike fell on him. Bubba fought back though. Bubba went on the top rope, jumped, but Spike moved out of the way. Spike delivered a few punches, then D-Von takes down Spike from the outside. Stacy distracts the referee while the Dudleyz tried to double team Spike, but Tazz tripped D-Von and Spike rolled up Bubba for the win.

Winner: Spike Dudley

A limo pulls up and Stephanie comes out and she complained that some clerk didn’t open the door for her or something like that. Then, HHH comes out of the limo too and tells Stephanie to calm down and he says he will beat up someone tonight, but it’s not some clerk.


Match #2
Hurricane Helms & Tajiri vs Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn says that last night after Heat, himself and Palumbo were ready to go out with two hot chicks, but after what happened, they couldn’t go.

Helms says “These two with hot chicks? What’s up with that?.”

Palumbo and Gunn attack Tajiri and Helms. Then the match officially starts with Helms and Gunn. Gunn is in control and makes the tag to Palumbo. Palumbo chokes Helms in the corner with his boot. CHuck tries to cover, 1,2 but Helms kicked out. Palumbo makes the tag back to Billy Gunn. Helms fights back with a modified DDT or something. Tajiri gets the tag and so does Palumbo. Then all four men got into the fight. Tarantula by Tajiri on Palumbo. Super kick on Gunn and turns around and Palumbo kicked Tajiri and got the win.

Winners: Chuck Palumbo & Billy Gunn

Undertaker was shown arriving on his motorcycle.


Cole interviews Angle backstage and Cole tells Angle that he was saved last week on Smackdown. Kurt says he had Austin right where he wanted him, but Kane stuck his noise into his business. He says that Kane messed with the wrong guy and the crowd was saying “WHAT?” the whole time. Angle insults the Texans. He then says that he will make an example out of Kane and reminds Kane that he is the one who made him tap. He is tonight he will break Kane’s ankle.

Debra meets with Stephanie backstage. Debra says that her husband Stone Cold will kick her husband’s ass. Stephanie says it the other way around. And calls Debra a dumb blonde. Debra says her husband will throw Steph’s husband over the top rope and they start fighting and WWF officials had to break it up and one of the officials was Harvey Whippleman, and Debra slapped him.


Match #3
#1 Contendership for the Women’s Title
Jacqueline vs Jazz

Trish Stratus came to do a little color commentary for this match, since the winner will be facing her at the Royal Rumble.

Jazz pushes Jackie, then Jackie starts delivering some hits, followed by a spinning kick, and she covers but Jazz kicked out. Both women exchanged a few hits, then Jazz delivered some kind of modified fisherman suplex and got the win. After the match, Jazz confronts Trish Stratus and choked her, but the referee broke up the fight.

Winner: Jazz


Match #4
Kurt Angle vs Kane

They get face to face, then Angle punches Kane several times, then Kane elbows him and knocks him down. The fight went to the outside of the ring. Kane picked up Angle and dropped him on the security rails. Back in the ring. Powerslam by Kane. Kane knocks down Angle, then picks him up and slams him. Kane picked up Angle and choked him, then dropped him. Angle fought back and delivered a couple of chops to the chest of Kane, but it had no affect on him. Back body drop by Kane, followed by a side walk slam. Kane goes on the top rope, then Angle ran right up there with him and suplexed him off. Angle started to punched and kick Kane. Angle started going for Kane’s leg, but Kane does the enziguri. Kane throws him in the corner and beats on him. Kane goes on the top rope and Angle went after him, but Kane knocked him down and jumped with a clothesline. Kane was going for the tombstone, but Angle got out. Then Kane was going for the chokeslam, but Angle flipped him over and applied the ankle lock. Kane reached the ropes, but Angle pulls Kane back. Again Kane grabs the ropes. Kane was getting up and Angle goes for the Angle Slam, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Kane gets up again and Kurt ran, but Kane grabbed him for the chokeslam, then Kurt Angle grabbed the referee and put him in front of him and Kane chokeslammed both of them Kane applies the ankle lock but the referee was down. Kane applies it again, but Angle rolls over and pins Kane while grabbing the ropes.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Stephanie was bugging HHH about Debra and was telling him what she did. Stephanie tells HHH that Debra said her husband can kick HHH’s ass. HHH said that he beat Austin before and he will have no problem doing it again.


The APA were in their office and Big Show walks in and joins them on the table. Booker T comes in and Big Show makes fun of Booker T because he got the stinky face. Big Show and Booker T left after their argument. Bradshaw tells Faarooq that they still need a partner and he has an idea.

Match #5
Edge & Rob Van Dam vs William Regal & Test

Referee Nick Patrick searches Regal for brass knuckles and doesn’t find anything. Test attacks RVD and Edge from behind.

The match starts with RVD and Test. Full Nelson slam by Test. Regal gets the tag and delivers a European uppercut on RVD and beats on him. Regal tags Test back in. Test puts RVD in the corner and beats on him and chokes him with his boot. Test whips RVD to the turnbuckle and clotheslines him. Sleeper hold by Test. RVD managed to get out of the hold. Spinning kick by RVD. Edge gets the tag and so does Regal. Back body drop by Edge. Edge takes down Test and Regal again. Test clotheslines RVD and Regal got his brass knuckles and knocks down RVD. Edge does the Executioner on Test, then Regal nails Edge with the brass knuckles and gets the win.

Winners: William Regal & Test


Christian, Storm and Jericho were backstage. Storm tells them to look at the TV and Rikishi was in the APA’s office.

Match #6
Booker T vs Big Show

Booker T came out first and took off the padding from the second turnbuckle. Booker T attacks Show, then Show just picks him up and drops him. Show throws him in the corner and beats on him. Booker T fought back with a few hits, but that wasn’t enough to take down the big man. then, Big Show attempted to clothesline Booker T over the top rope, but Booker ducked and Show fell to the outside. On the outside, Show delivers a few hits and throws him back him. In the ring, Booker T took down Show, and then did the scissors kick, 1,2 but Show kicked out. Show takes control of the match and clotheslines Booker. Then, Booker somehow managed to trip the Big Show and to make him fall face first into that exposed turnbuckle and Booker T went for the cover and got the 1,2,3. After the match, Booker T does the spinaroonie.

Winner: Booker T


Steve Austin Interview

Michael Cole interviews Austin and asks him about the comments made from HHH earlier. This interview was full of “WHAT?” He says he doesn’t agree with HHH and says he wants to tell us a story about a man called Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said that man was thirsty and was in Texas and started drinking beer, shooting darts.. it was pointless… full of WHAT’s. Then he says the bat tender told him that he heard HHH is coming back to win the Royal Rumble and Austin said Anhhh! anhh! (no). Then he started naming many workout moves that HHH does. Then he said HHH can do all those moves, but he can’t throw Austin over the top rope. And he kept with the WHATS.. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am finding it annoying. We can’t hear the promos anymore because of that. Then Austin said he is going to win the Rumble and go to WrestleMania and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.


Match #7
6-Man Tag
Christian, Lance Storm & Chris Jericho vs APA & Rikishi

The match starts with all six men fighting. Then Rikihsi was left with Jericho. Storm tags himself in and super kicks Rikishi. Jericho gets the tag back and starts hitting Rikishi. Rikishi does a belly to belly suplex. Bradshaw gets the tag and delivers the boot to the face of Lance Storm. Christian comes in and Bradshaw does the fall away slam. Bradshaw was about to powerbomb Jericho, but Christian interrupts. Christian starts choking him in the corner. Christian goes on the ropes, jumps, but Bradshaw caught him in a powerslam. Faarooq gets the tag and then all six men started fighting. Jericho does the mistle drop kick on Bradshaw. While the others were on the outside, Jericho does the stroke (I think) on Faarooq for the win.

Winners: Christian, Lance Storm & Chris Jericho

HHH and Stephanie were backstage and HHH told her he;s going to the ring and Stephanie was going to join him, but HHH said he’s going alone.


Triple H Segment

HHH came out and said that last Monday night he walked out that ramp, and got in this ring and as Jim Ross said, 22,000 fans were on their feet to show their respect. He said he worked 10 hours a day during those 8 months. He said he went through all that for one reason and that was to come back and to be the best. He said that this Sunday, 30 men will compete for the honor to go to WrestleMania and to compete for the undisputed championship. He said that he will win the Royal Rumble and it won’t matter who you are, what your name is, he doesn’t care if your name is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin’s music hits and he comes out and he goes face to face with HHH and they start fighting back and forth. HHH goes for the Pedigree on Austin but Austin counters and hits a back body drop. Undertaker comes out with a steel chair in hand. Austin sends HHH into the ropes but Undertaker hits HHH over the back with the steel chair as he goes off of them. Austin hits the stunner on HHH. Undertaker gets into the ring and when Austin gets up he nails him with the steel chair. RAW goes off the air with Undertaker staring down both Austin and HHH on the ground.

The end.


WWF RAW Results (January 7, 2002)

Opening Segment

Vince McMahon comes out with a present wrapped in blue. Vince says he has something to talk about that’s more important than HHH’s return. He wants to talk about his match against Flair at the Rumble. He says, many might think that Flair is not in the same caliber as him but that’s wrong. Then they show Ric Flair highlights from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Vince said that Flair has one of the best wrestling careers of all time. And, November 19, Flair wanted to start a new career by being 50/50 owner. Highlights were shown of that. Then Vince says Flair attacked him last week on Smackdown and highlights of that was also shown. Vince said he took five stitches because of Flair’s attack. Vince says that Ric Flair’s mono is “To be the man, you have to beat the man.” Vince said he’s already the man and he will prove it. Vince opens the present and puts on a wig and Ric Flair’s robe. He mocks Flair by walking the walk. Then Ric Flair’s music hits and he comes out.

Ric Flair says that this is another example of what he was talking about a couple of weeks ago. He said Vince did something nice by showing that video, but now he did something stupid by putting the wig on. Flair knocks the wig off Vince’s head. Flair says “Take off my God damn robe right now!” McMahon was taking the robe off and pulls a steel pipe out of nowhere and nails Flair with it. Flair is busted open. Vince sends Flair head first into the steel steps. Vince gets him up and shoves him into the ring post.


Match #1
Rob Van Dam vs Test

Test kicks RVD in the mid section, then RVD fought back, with a spinning kick. Test picks RVD and drops him, followed by several punches. Sleeper hold by Test. RVD managed to get out of the hold, but Test knocked him down. Test went for the suplex, but RVD landed on his feet and drop kicked Test on his leg. RVD goes on the top rope, but Test shoved the referee into the ropes and RVD fell. Test covered RVD and put his feet on the ropes, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. RVD knocks down Test to the outside. Test gets a chair and gets in. Test pushes the referee with the chair. RVD does the Van Daminator, followed by the Five Star Frog Splash and got the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

The Coach is standing in the parking lot waiting for HHH to have a few words with him. Kurt Angle interrupts and says that Coach should interview him, because at least he’s on time. Kurt Angle says he has big news and The Coach asked him what it was and Kurt said he won’t tell him. He also said that tonight is his night.


Trish Stratus is shown at WWF New York. Terri interrupts and says she’s the better host of WWF Excess. Terri says that Trish is pathetic, and Trish doesn’t measure up to her. Terri challenges Trish. Trish asks if it’s a bra and panties match? Lingerie match? Terri challenges her for a wet t-shirt contest and Trish accepts.

Match #2
Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo vs Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert

Billy Gunn says Trish and Terri in a wet t-shirt contest? He said if anyone should be in a wet t-shirt contest, it should be him and Chuck.

The match starts with Gunn and Albert. Gunn delivers a few hits, then Albert fights back with a clothesline. Palumbo got in and Albert beat him too, then Soctty received the tag from Albert. Neck breaker by Scotty, 1,2 but Palumbo kicked out. Scotty hits Gunn. Palumbo hits Scotty. Scotty regained control and delivered a DDT. Albert gets the tag and does a powerslam on Gunn. He squashed Billy Gunn in the corner. All four men are in the ring now. Scotty does the WORM on Gunn, 1,2 but Palumbo pulls Gunn. Palumbo goes in the ring and kicked Albert. Gunn comes in and delivered the Famasser on Scotty and got the win.

Winners: Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo


Paisley interviews Chris Jericho backstage. Jericho says how he liked seeing Flair get beat up by Vince McMahon. Jericho says that everyone wants to see him get the stinky face, but that won’t happen.

Michael Cole and Steve Austin. Cole says it’s been a great night and Austin kept saying what. Austin said he won’t answer questions. He wants to talk about three things. He doesn’t want to wish HHH good luck, because he also came back from an injury. Second thing is that Austin is entering himself in the Royal Rumble. He also kept saying WHAT? and so did the crowd. Austin said he was going to throw a wrestler over the top rope, another, another, another and he said it like 29 times. Austin said that tonight he will team up with the Rock to take on Booker T and the Big Boss Man. Austin says that tonight two sum bitches will get their ass kicked and that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so.


Jerry Lawler had a super soaker for the wt t-shirt contest.

Match #3
Intercontinental Title
Edge vs Lance Storm

Both men lock up, then Storm starts hitting Edge. Storm goes on the top rope and jumps, but Edge does a drop kick. Both men exchange a few moves. Storm applies the Maple Leaf, but Edge gets the ropes. Edge does the execution out of nowhere and gets the win. (Yes the match was this short) After the match, Edge was walking up the ramp and Regal attacked him and knocked him out with a his brass knuckles.

Winner: Still Intercontinental champion, Edge


Kurt Angle is talking to Christian. Kurt says he doesn’t get the big deal about Triple H. Kurt says where was HHH when he saved the WWF? Christian says, probably at home playing his U2 CD. Kurt says he can’t stand the song “Beautiful Day”. He says beautiful day was when he won the Gold Medal.

Match #4
Booker T and Big Bossman vs Steve Austin & The Rock

The fight starts on the outside. Then, Austin and Bossman get it on in the ring and the match officially starts. Austin sent Bossman over the top rope to the outside. Rock tossed Booker T in the ring. Austin beats on Booker T. Austin throws him out too. Bossman is back in. Austin puts him in the corner and beats on him. Clothesline by Austin. The Rock gets the tag and delivers a few punches on Bossman. Bossman fights back and tags Booker T. Rock clotheslines Booker. Booker sends Rock to the ropes and Bossman lowers the ropes and Rock falls to the outside. Bossman hits Rock with the night stick. Booker T goes to the outside and throws the Rock back in. Rock fights back with some kind of back body drop. Spine buster by Rock. Rock was going for the people’s elbow, but Bossman held the Rock’s foot. Austin comes in and does the spine buster on Booker T. Booker T makes the legal tag. Bossman took control of the match against the Rock. Clothesline by Bossman, 1,2 but Rock kicked out. Booker T gets the tag back. Super kick by Booker T. Booker covers, 1, but Austin makes the save. Booker T puts the Rock in the corner and delivers a few chops. Then Booker T was going for the axe kick, but he missed and the Rock does a DDT. Both men are down. Rock tags Austin and Booker T tags Bossman. Austin knocks them both down. Spine buster on Bossman. Austin beats on Bossman, then Rock gets up and knocks Booker T to the outside. Bossman got the night stick and attempted to hit Austin, but Austin kicked Bossman and delivered the stunner for the win. Rock and Austin drank beer after the match.

Winners: Steve Austin & The Rock


Match #5
Chris Jericho vs Rikishi

Rikishi starts beating on Jericho. Rikishi squashes him in the corner. Jericho goes to the outside and Rikishi goes after him. Jericho fought back and sent Rikishi into the steel post. He sends him in the ring, and Jericho goes on the top rope and does a mistle drop kick. Then, both men exchanged a few moves/hits, then Rikishi knocks Jericho down. Slingshot by Rikishi, followed by a Samoan drop. Rikishi drops the leg and puts Jericho in the corner. He was going for the Bonzai drop, but Nick Patrick got in the way and Rikishi pushed him and went for it, but Jericho moved out of the way. Somehow, Jericho and Nick Patrick ended up in the corner and Rikishi went for the stinky ace, but Jericho moved, but Nick Patrick stayed and Rikishi did the stinky face on him. Jericho nailed Rikishi with the belt and got the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho


Big Show is talking to Tajiri and Torrie Wilson about Triple H. Kurt Angle says that they are acting like teenagers at a Ricky Martin concert. Kurt reminds them of what HHH had done before he got injured (sledge hammer).

Spike and Tazz get into a confrontation with the Dudleyz backstage. WWF Tag team title match is next.

Match #6
WWF Tag Team Titles
Hardcore Rules
Dudley Boyz vs Tazz and Spike

Tazz and Spike meet the Dudleyz half way and the fight is on. In the ring, D-Von knocks down Tazz. Fire extinguisher, garbage cans, and other objects were used in this match. Bubba sprays Spike in the face with the fire extinguisher. Bubba slams Tazz and the Dudleyz do the wazzzup. D-VOn got a table. Spike nails Bubba with a street sign. Tazz applies the Tazzmission on D-Von. Stacy got up and pulled up her skirt and this distracted Bubba, which allowed Tazz to suplex Bubba on the table, then Spike did the Dudley Dog and got the win.

Winners: New WWF Tag Team champions, Spike and Tazz


Undertaker cuts a little promo. Undertaker says that HHH can enjoy his little treturn tonight. He says “Don’t forget in the celebration who runs the yard.”

Wet T-Shirt Contest

Jerry Lawler introduces Terri, then introduces Trish Stratus.
Lawler explains the rules..saying the audience will be the judges.

Terri takes off her robe and Lawler sprays her with the water.
Trish was about to take her robe off and Jazz comes in and hits her from behind. Lawler checks if Trish is ok, then Jazz hits Lawler and Lawler gets up and Jazz leaves.


Triple H Returns

People know I am not a HHH fan, but WOW what a HUGE pop he got in Madison Square Garden.

He said, just in case we forgot, he will tell us who he is. “I Am The Game! and you can bet your ass, I’m back!” He officially enters the Royal Rumble.

Kurt Angle’s music hits. Angle comes out and says “Who the hell do you think you are?” He said an injury took him out for 8 months, but Kurt won the Olympics with a broken neck. Kurt’s official announcement is that he will also enter the Royal Rumble. Kurt says that the reason he didn’t compete last year was because he is too busy pinning his ass to the mat.

HHH attacks Kurt and the fight is on. Belly to back suplex by Angle. Then HHH hits Angle again and delivers the pedigree.